An idea for an upkeep system

I don´t play a lot anymore, but just came to say i totally agree with this, and support the idea everytime it pops up in the forums.

PvE servers are often filled with buildings not being used and in the nicest places. Some of them are huge and there is no real consequence for occupying tso much space, that´s a mayor flaw in the game design too.

If any player play constantly wouldn’t have any problem keeping their bases from decaying, and if they build huge they better play a lot in order to get the resources to maintain it… that´s only fair.

For those amusement parks and roads, is not like the floor is lava you know? at least for the most part… they´re also ugly and annoying, for they take so much good space for actual players.

For PvP servers sounds like agood idea too, that way players can´t hide in their bases all the time…

So for all i care, this is the best thing that could happen to the game right now… and just because it has been so long since we are asking for it…

that is the most reasonable thing to do …test cause if fails you knew it was a test you got your mindset for that

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Welcome @John.Doe. I wish I was a modder to be able to fix these things. I am just a key pressor for fun, gaming fun. These things to be done demands hours and hours of work, not fun. There for I can only give my greatest respect and gratitude to people who work so hard for others to have fun.

Maybe skipping that “decay of 24 hours” part, if it could somehow sneak into the game, it would be fun. But that’s really just that. The inability to repair (or even pick up build parts) means that we think twice as long whether to build something beyond what we need. This does not really limit players’ imaginations, but gives more strategy when building and deciding on defense placement.

Currently, I like what devs are doing. Instead of introducing one large system that fixes all problems, they create small POI (Point of Interest) protection system, to fix only a single problem. :+1:


I don’t know, I feel like that’s still not enough on PVE(-C) servers. On PVP, sure, but on PVE(-C) you can still plop down as much crap as you want and only worry about purges – and that’s not a lot of worry.


I agree that different types of servers need different solutions. Therefore, with small steps, small changes, many problems related to building and balance could be dealt with. I can see it in new updates as if someone was really read our comments and topic like this could really makes a difference :shushing_face:

I fully support this idea.


There is something similiar in ValHeim. They use a construction bench that has a radius. You can only construct inside the radius. you can move the bench, but if anything is not in a radius in cannot be repaired or added to.

Very nice idea and interactive from all angles. Very cool.

Why put a more grindy thingie in a game that favours grind?
I believe the week decay is fine as it is. As most of the times it gets the job done…
As for players that only log in to renew timmers, remember that most have played the game up to a point where nothing more left to achieve, but they respect their own effort and time spent ,and retain their bases untill new content is added…

But even if they add some sort of upkeep, i would rather have it as missions with a variety of difficulty and rewards ,and a minimum of missions needed to be fullfilled in order to stay in a server… So lets say a mission would be to capture 5 thralls of a specific tier that belong to a faction, or kill specific number of certain beasts(like kill 100 felines) … Reward could be some materials, some eldarium, random recipes, fops or tops AND counter resets for u. If u do not catch up a certain goal of missions (lets say 15/30) ur base decays… The only thing they need to keep in mind is that not all players have the same playtime… some play a lot certain days, others log in certain time more days… So missions should not be restricted daily, but monthly… A player that is ON 7;hours on weekends should be equally faced as one who logs in 1 hr per day…
Its the lack of content that keeps players that only refresh , away, and not their interest of the game…


If there’s a lack of content for those players, then they should consider the game done and move on, leaving their stuff to decay.

An upkeep system would simply be part of the game. Its a challenge people would have to work out in order to keep their things. You have to pick up rocks to make that first pick. You have to pick up rocks occasionally to keep that sandstone hut going. Its just playing the game. Building buildings is playing too. You play to play. If you’re not playing, you’re not playing.

In short, I totally agree with @Ragnaguard. I think it would be the opposite of fun, just collecting fuel, just grinding like working in a game (the game could easily be renamed to Conan the Woodcutter or to Conan Chop Chop Wood!). There would have to be other ways to fill the fuel. :pleading_face:

I forced myself to figure out what kind of refueling would please me. And in the easiest way, it would be enough if the fuel for the upkeep could be anything. Completely everything! :dizzy:

  • Imagine you really want to go hunting today. After several minutes of killing and skinning creatures, you can fill upkeep with unnecessary items obtained during the hunt - I always have too many bones from there. :bone::bone::bone::bone::bone::bone::bone:
  • Imagine that you can use up items that are unnecessarily stuck in your chests: demon blood; fiber; bees; bone meal, T1 thralls… There would be more space for important things! :pizza:
  • Imagine you are repeating a dungeon all the time. But you don’t need the items from it anymore. You could use them in the bottomless maw of the upkeep system :v:

This way, you can choose what you want to do in the game and fill the fuel with this activity. Through the gameplay of your choice :grinning: You could live your own story :heart:


Exactly my words… why add more grind??

Any player dedicated to log in once per week is eligible to keep his build… This is conans upkeep system. Who says someone does not play? I for example have 5k hours… Currently rebuilding i ios (after my base decayed there)… This means my main playing time is spent 99,9% on ios…

I maintain my exiled land base and outposts by playing once a week for about an hour there…
To most, i am inactive in exiled lands… someone who logs in morning hours will never see me… this means i do not play? Or that my base needs to be decayed…???

To avoid missunderstanding, all i wanna say is that EVERYTHING, and ALL perspectives need to be taken under consideration upon implementing a change… And when done it should be an interesting thing about players, and not something poorly implemented like a flag or bench… Needs to be something that will provoke and poke players to be more active, and not just implement a quick useless thing that u need to repeat…

As for the pick, yes u need to collect stone, but once u get to obsidians u stop collecting stones for picks… And in my case u make sure u have enough obsidian composite to last over a year in order to maintain ur tools…

Solution should be gameplay interesting, and not repeat the mistake of repeatted grinding…


You mean add more game? You all wanted more content, there you go. You built all the structures to begin with. So gathering resources couldn’t have been that bad. If it wasn’t fun, why were the structures built in the first place?

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I never was a fan of repeated grind… and no i built base the way i wanted it and not expanded further… i am not that kind of player… u must have missunderstood me for someone else…

I spend most of my time playing and helping mostly, and not gathering 1k scraps or 5000000000 stone etc… I keep a reserve i think is ok to have, and then go adventure with others… This is what i do. I want more GAME, not useless grind… not exactly sure what u think game is, but for me is something fun and exciting, not too easy also… I find no point into adding another grind that will be repeated for such a useless reason as to gather mats and craft x amount of benches or flags, or whatever (like meat for thrall pot was etc)…

Fun and gameplay r the key words here…

Not add another grind…

Yep. That was part of the original idea:

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Crafting fans should also find something for themselves. For example, player-created items would be a better fuel than raw resources.

I was thinking of something. It’d be a bit of work to make the table (but only once), but if they did the Medieval Engineers method. Then nearly any item could be used to pay the upkeep, and the more valuable items would grant more time. Things like bricks would be worth more than the sum of the rocks made to build them, if even a little.


I look at the sameway I’ve handled log in only landlords in the present and in the past. They are not online to defend only to to refresh. I call their castle at this point free target practice !! More content for my god of choice, bombs (boring, but effective (too?) , or treb practice ( personal favorite).

on PVE?
And offlining evene a refreshers base is the reason pvp officials are so dead.