An idea to limit the too large number of deserted buildings or just foundations

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For large landowners who take all the land and build only foundations to reclaim the land. Maybe it would be necessary to change a game mechanics. Limit the size of the constructions or the number per player and per clan. The more extensive the construction is, the more violent or even impossible the purges are to defend. It would prevent some from taking over everything and not give the newcomer a chance to develop properly.

If the player does not return to his base after a certain time it is destroyed.

Because many owners lay foundations without ever using the land.
For example, in the north, a whole part of the territory is only foundations. No building just foundations to prevent other players from establishing themselves.

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Sorry if I feel like repeating myself, but every time people ask for limits on building, thralls, pets, or stuff, they seem to forget that Solo mode exists.

So whenever considering these limitations, the suggestion should contain the phrase “Make this an adjustable Server setting so Solo players can continue turning their place into Cybertron with a population of 30 million people and 8000 camels if they so choose.”


Solo mode sucks though. It has way too many issues with the way it is setup, such as thralls breaking not progressing if you aren’t logged on, star metal not working right, admin teleports being too easy to access, and so on.

Solo mode glitches are hardly a good reason to neglect its existence as a game mode when designing features, though.



Well, solo mode features have a reason to exist the way they are. My point still stands, though - Solo mode is one of the supported ways to play this game.


Such as?

…and no griefers. Not a single one. This is enough for me to prefer Solo while I can’t afford to rent a server just for myself. Oh, and no decay, no spoiled food and no Purges when I’m offline.


Such as Wheels of pain and other workstations pausing when you’re not playing the game. The game’s running on the local computer, so if I turn off my computer, nothing’s telling the game to proceed. Similarly, a home PC would have trouble rendering the whole game world at once, which is why star metal meteors don’t fall if you’re playing in the Swungle. Also, my character won’t starve to death if I take a weekend off.

The Admin Settings are accessible to solo players because that’s an intended tool for balancing the game to fit each individual solo player. Me, I suck at combat games so toning down the difficulty is a pretty important feature.

But all this is derailing this thread. Suffice to say that Solo players exist, it’s a supported game mode, and it shouild be considered when designing game updates and features.


I personally prefer the pause provided. It’s nice to know that the gameplay waits for me and doesn’t run off without me. :sweat_smile:


I’m talking about what puts foundations on the whole map, leaving no room for a single construction. That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t want to make many screenshots but it’s more like minecraft with a lot of cube on the ground than a nice construction and a nice decor.

I like to play online with others. Solo mode is not a solution. But it would be a disable option for the server owner or local player.

But all it takes is someone malicious and the server can be trashed and no longer give you the opportunity to play.

The private server solution is not a solution because on official servers it allows you to meet new players.

When I say the whole map it’s B14 B13 B12 C14 C13 C12 D14 D13 D12 and the volcano, same problem has somewhere else but I couldn’t list them all. We spend more time climbing the foundations than moving forward.

Another player wanted to make a video to show the magnitude.

And I don’t even talk about cities like sepermeru and so on.

They could have just had the game check how much time had passed since you last logged in and adjust accordingly. So it could look at when you last logged in, where your thrall breaking progress was when you logged off, and how much gruel you had in the wheel. It could use that to adjust how full the break gauge is and subtract the correct amount of gruel. There is no reason why it should have to keep track of it in real time on a solo game.

They could have done the same thing for the star metal. Just calculate whether they should have landed and place them according as if they actually fell, even if the actual animation had never played.

There is also the issue of abandoned and undestroyed bases. Bases that are not used and are completely empty

Yes it’s petty, pathetic and anti-social on a PvE server to cover much of the map with foundations simply to prevent others from building in the area … but Quite frankly if you have that type of player/group on your server then it’s time to take note of their steam/PS4/Xbox ID and find a server where they don’t play. Or out-wait them … maintain your bases and play in spite of them and eventually they will get bored of logging in and it will decay.

I’ve played on the same official PvE server since mid-May 2018.
When the game was launched we had a couple of clans who wanted to build big and also block access to some areas … others on the server made it clear that blocking access was not acceptable. They learnt the lesson and opened access.
In one case, a group blocked one of the easy routes from desert to highlands. They would not remove or open the gate. They were building eastwards towards another easy access point … so to prevent them from also blocking that another player claimed the area with foundation stones to ensure it stayed open.
We still have players who like to build big and cover a fair amount of land but there is still plenty of space to build on the map.

I’m against limits on building … people find ways around it anyways. People who like to find ways to upset and annoy will find other ways to do it even with building restrictions.

People only find ways around things if they are allowed (not intentionally necessarily) and able (having required resources) to go around them. If there’s no way around something, the only way to go is thorough (which is usually the intended purpose when games are in question; tho partially unreasonable sometimes). It’s about breakpoints and how close they are to us in order to maintain balance.

I’m not against anything else except uneducated mess. Whenever we do things properly, the whole toolkit is embraced perfectly; with all tools utilised in harmony. :smile:

How about building limits, for those players that want to build those huge cybertronian cities, there’s always solo mode or rent-a-server. Keep those monstrosities off official. And if you’re against this idea, you’re one of the guilty parties claiming all the land just to be a holes

You do have a point there. If the breakpoint is brought closer in the officials while pushing it to whatever distance of progression we want when it comes to private servers, then maybe… :thinking:

Questions are, how close is comfortable when it comes to officials and what is the price we wish to pay for going private.

If you’re in solo/co-op then it’s all good, but land claiming everything in official is just being an ■■■

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It really does cause confusion and stress when it comes to the service premises given and what the reality is within the servers. I went to private immediately, just in case, so I’m not exactly familiar of the current set of motions when it comes to the official ones. I’m merely theorising, still at this point.

Unforutnately, I think this is supposed to work, but there is a way to cheese around it. If you build a chain of 100 sandstanoe foundations, then build the second base connected to that, you can actually destroy the sandstone in between, but there is (was?) a ghost tie that actually existedm, and allowed you to refresh both bases at once. I don’t know it has been reported in bugs/exploits, and i haven;t really tested to see if it is still a thing.

But i like the idea as well instead of wipes for buildings. I also threw out the idea of the more “area” you cover the faster the entire structure decays. nothing crazy, but lets just say for every 25x25 horizontal area, it decreases by 20% per (like stability).
Example based on normal 7 day timer (10080 minutes) for officials:
=> 25x25 (625 sq ffounds) = 10080 * 80% = 8064 minutes
=> 50 x50 = 10080 * 60% = 6048 minutes
=>75 x75 = 10080 * 40% = 4032 minutes
=>100 x100 = 10080 * 20% = 2016 minutes
=> 125 x 125 = 10080 * 1% = 100.8 minutes