Animal Pens Not Working 2020

Hi Id like to report a issue with the Animal pens. It seems when I drag Dafari to them it doesn’t seem to go in. Not sure how long this has been a issue but id really like to tame some of them. If I am doing something wrong please let me know thanks guys.

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Darfari are human NPCs, not animals. To convert a human NPC into a thrall, build a wheel of pain, knock out the NPC, drag it using the bindings and interact with your wheel of pain. Then put enough gruel (or some other food inside) and turn the wheel on.


Don’t treat them like animals! :laughing:
Sure, they are slaves, but not animals.
Sorry, but it was funny to read at first, but do as @CodeMage said and you’ll be good.
You should put animal babies in the pens and give them their food (one is enough) to start taming them.

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