Animal taming realness. Add carried animal 3D mesh, to character, after baby pick up

I am making this suggestion with some 3D modelling skills. So it’s more to the devs than players.

I think it would be a good idea to add a mesh of the animal carried, over the player’s shoulder, or in their arms, after the baby animal is picked up into the inventory.

Without this visual it just seems very weird. We are playing an immersive game, and battle big creatures, to get to the cubs/babies, then when we get the prize, there is nothing, just an icon in the inventory. It would add a much better flow of realness, if the animal is shown as a mesh item rigged to the avatar, and triggering a pose for the avatar’s arms to carry it in some way. Also this could then continue in the pen, where a sleeping baby animal is seen in the pen in 3D not just in the inventory of the pen.

I realise this is a bit of work, to rig and trigger all the available pets in two different poses, carried, and sleeping. But it would make the whole taming and raising thing seem much more realistic and professional.

At the moment it is honestly just disappointing and odd. Especially for anyone who has played other games with taming in them, where the animals are always seen throughout the process, in 3D visual.

Please do this :smiley: I will happily pose and rig them all for you, if you want to pay me lol


I think, you should be able grab thrall in similar manner to.

I always picture Read Dead Online… (or even rdr2) how you interact with animals and people.
Thou… you’d have over haul so much. 1 deer hide versus getting 16. XD

Thou, having use Pets/Mounts to bring gator and bat skins back be awesome. Then I picture carrying baby hyena back being chases by pack of them…

One can hope for Conan Exiles II I guess. =3

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Yes, good ideas. It would not be too much work to make the animals carried, (or thralls), as they already exist as 3D models in the game. It is only a matter of posing them in a visual way, and attaching them, in the same way clothing is attached.

It’s harder to make a visual of items like skins or potions and so on, because they only exist in the game as icons. So it would mean modelling each an every item. But it would awesome if there was a game where everything was 3D like that. So much work though!

I had a thought about the skins though, by making a mesh backpack, and you could have invisible parts that were triggered by what you have in your inventory, so when you pick up a thing, the script says display face 2 or whatever, which would be the logs, or the skins, or the potions on the belt, or the bunch of herbs hanging off the backpack. It would only show “some” skins, not one or 15 but it would show them if you have them. Would be pretty awesome realness.

I can imagine running home with four tiger cubs strapped to various parts of my body


“Meowr-meowr-meowr-meowr” every step you take =3


Would take them probably another 5 patches to fix the game after if they added this in :joy::joy::joy: and just when we think they’ll fix it…….we find out they were working on dlc instead :weary:

Haha! :rofl:

Made me laugh so much

I think if you pick up one, that would show, but the next one wouldn’t. It would be like… ‘is there a baby on your shoulder? No = display it, Yes = don’t display.’

Hope someone in the development team might think on it anyway, and maybe even make it happen one day. The more realness the better right?

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To be fair, that only sounds weird until you realize that you can run around completely naked while carrying a fully grown rhino, several walls, and a vault. :laughing:

Also relevant:



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