What I hope to be added

This are cool feature would be fun IF they were added.

  1. Be fun to kick a npc or players off a cliff (like what happens in “300”)

  2. Be able to pick up a npc or players on your shoulders and throw them. (I do like dragging them, it can be funny at time)

  3. Ability to tame certain creatures (obviously not the undead or boss creatures but everything else.)

  4. Ability to steal or place explosives in npc or players pockets

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If taming animal. I want to tame a tiger. I love tigers.

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There’s the rumor that taming will be added in future. Did you noticed those little puppies all around the map? Many (including me) think that’s the confirm of those rumors!

About the other features… that would add more realism except the one :joy: That would be more a funny TES feature than Conan Exiles!