Animals should be more dangerous

If I strafe through the night in the North hearing hwoling wolves the RP is great. But if they really attack immersion breaks. Wolves and Bears should really make you fear, and a night without fire should make you shuddering. At the moment they are just… cool, new stuff for my tannery.

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I agree with that, to a point.

If you are level 40s, starting to use steel, have your first heavy armor set–I think that’s the tipping point. Below that, a bear should be terrifying.

But, if you’re level 60 with star metal, why on earth would any natural animal cause you fear? You’re basically a demigod at that point.

I always hated the opposite, like in WoW when the released a new xpac that has level 120 boars in it. What the hell could a level 120 boar even be? Alone one could wipe out cities in earlier expansions!

So from my POV, if you’re a Conan-like super-badass, enjoy that most furry critters may be an annoyance, but not a real threat. Cause that’s what we worked for, right?


we have different sides of opinion. Even with super stuff and being 60 I don’t want to be a demi-god.
and a band of wolfes is a band of wolfes. I kill elefants on the fly, make rhino long throw, think about wolves, cool new stuff for my tannery, I kill Mammuts like flies. I am not the fan of being a superhero and even conan fled as he was attacked by wolves (CONAN I). Why ever you have to be the superhero? That is boring. And wild animals are wild animals. Fight a bear in RL in nature… Good luck with this. Animals are dangerous and should be,

I think alot of is balance issues…

Elephants and Mammoths are frustrating game play wise… not mention getting stuck in them, and there move set is boring. So low health as they are. It works.

Wolves have abit better move set, and there kinda welcome to North when you venture to far.

But then you go to far north… and you have the Saber Cats who feel like mini bosses. -_-’

Rhinos use to have higher health pools… Like elephants… how many times can you dodge the head poke and charge before its boring… There Hp isnt to bad. (on ps4 anyway)

Bears… They use to be tankier… but again, there move set kinda sucks. They need a few more attacks. I can see why they lower’d HP.

I think if they ever overhauled AI, and gave alot of enemies 2-3 moves more. I wouldnt mind some HP changes.
I always picture back to Monster Hunter,
Something like Rathian is fun and engaging fight cause of its move set. So Large monster, high hp.
Something like Jagras? trash monster, with trash health. They take Great Jaggie, slap on 5k health…suddenly its a boring fight cause its drag out.

Not a problem I will wait till you are framing as you get full I will spawn 20 greater wolves with 10k health and 800 damage :joy:

On dev stream one said as you do that mitra spawn and step on you :joy: careful what you wish for

Maybe it would be enough to make animals at night 2-3x more damage and hitpoints while they stay out of a big fire range. In the night animals should make you fear, I don’t know if you get my point. But in the night when you hear the wolves near howling or hungry bears it should be fearful. Better make a big fire and wait for the day…

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So what you are suggesting is that the night creatures are stronger than the daytime ones. That is a good reason to stay out of the dark like it.

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