Annhilator drop in warmakers dungeon

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [warmaker dungeon]

hey, i was running the warmaker dungeon multiple times now. one thing i really wanted to have was the annhilator (2h sword with armor ignore)

as far as i know it drops from the same boss as the hammer.

has enyone seen it dropping on xbox? me and my friend got many worldbreakers but havent seen one annhilator. can it drop? from that specific boss?

just admin spawn yourself in one in single player

called RNG

what looks like user complied loot tables - there is no bug IMO

first: if i kill it on official server or singleplayer wouldnt make a difference right? i know that the loot is rng based but why would that be a reason im not allowed to post here Oo
i have like 15-20 worldbreaker so i really think there might be a bug since my friend got similar droprates. why would the droprate for annhilator be that low in comparison to the hammer?

second: im just ASKING if anybody has seen the sword. im not calling it a bug right away

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It may be a bug, but more of just bad luck. I went 10-15 times, then got 4 in a row. RNG is a wonky thing, as it is not 1 every 20 times, its a 1 in 20 chance every time (not actual numbers, just an example),

And feel free to post your opinions and questions.

I only have the Annihilator… As when I wrote that guide, I had it 3 times and 0 world-breaker. Most of the times I got zero drops from the boss.

And as that weapon is (currently) only good for the dungeon itself (or PvP) I didnt bother to get it… Maybe this weekend.

But it is RNG. If you are frustrated with this drops, dont farm UC :wink:

UC=unnamed city? at least there i know that for example croms sword can drop xD friend got it. but none of the (few) people i talked to had seen annhilator. thats why i asked xD been farming uc for many many many hours xDD to not get the annhilator sword in over 20 kills is pretty unlucky xD far below 1% xD since the dropchance doesnt seem to be that low when i read your comments xD

I killed that fricking black-blood boss >25 times to get a black blood skinning knife (which is worse than my old obsidian - bug)… I have a full chest with legendary tools.

And what makes UC frustrating (the same with the boss who can drop Annihilator or world-breaker) they can simple drop nothing.
Well at UC you still get the Fragment of Power and repair stuff… But “He-who-wolks-below” sometimes didnt drop anything. Or lets say a bucket and the key or some other useless crap.

Question…The Wight you are fighting is the second one right? Just asking. there is the one when you enter that drops the key and axe. The one after the puzzle drops the annihilator. If so, then, farm it a few more times. Online SP, so do not know how much more info they would need to try and recreate the issue if it is one. What you can do, is go into god mode, turn spawn timer waaaaaay up to be almost instant, and keep killing to see if it drops. To not ruin your game, you can just drop any loot you get. Once you prove you can get it, then at least you can go back to farm it within your game play style. not great advice, but it is something :confused:

didnt know the first one can drop the worldbreaker xD yes of course i kill the second one. i will just keep farming him, at least i have something to do xD and more thralls get the godbreaker armor xD

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my bad, i totall fogged on that, considering i have 5 world breakers from my runs

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