Loot table at Warmakers sanctuary


As I didnt find anything at the Wiki, does anyone know which boss drops which weapon/recipe?

Or at least which boss drops the bow: Derketos voice?

The same with the world-breaker? I know that the Annihilator drops from He-Who-Walks-Below…

From the Champion of the Warmaker I got Carnage. But can he also drops the Destroyer?

One of the shadows (middle one) always drops this buff recipes. From the first/left one I got Balias and some other stuff…
From the last/right one I got Ymir’s Targe (or maybe from another).

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  • Derketo’s Voice:

In general, without bugs, when the short description of the item you can find on gamepedia is:

  • “obtained from the Warmaker’s quarters” : that means is dropped by the Shade of the Warmaker

  • “from the collection of the Priest King”: is dropped by the Shade of the Priest-King
    the one who dropped you Ymir’s targe.
    All the item I obtained from him was religion-related weapons.

The Shade of the archivist drops the buffs in form of books instead.

So even if I didn’t found it yet I suppose it’s dropped by the Shade of the Priest-King.

  • The destroyer

I found it, and yes it was dropped by the Champion fo the Warmaker. Or at least I found it this way.

  • The world breaker: sorry, this one I don’t know for sure.
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The Destroyer and Carnage drop from the Warmakers champion.

The World Breaker and The Annihilator drop from He-Who-Walks-Below, the wight that has the Arena Key.

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Killed the shade of the Priest-king yesterday 4 times. Got 3x Derketos Voice and 1xSets-tongue (daggers).
Little summary:

Gate Guardian can drop (but can also drop NOTHING special):

Warmaker shade can drop (1 fix drop):

Priest King shade can drop (1 fix drop):

I didnt got Mitra or Yog weapon from Priest-king tough. Every other weapon I got at least 1 time.

Archivist shade can drop this buffs (1 fix):

He-Who-Walks-Below can drop (may drop nothing):

Arena Champion can drop:
[nothing special - just armor scraps so far]
In the area where she is, there is the stele to learn her armor. On the other side is a chest, where you have legendary armor patch kit or legendary weapon repair kit!

Champion of the Warmaker can drop (always armor scraps - but besides that he may drop nothing):

He-Who-Walks-Below is really frustrating… Already have 3 Annihilators and zero World-breaker… Killed him yesterday 4 times and he didnt drop ANYTHING at all… :confused:
Thx @Gnadolin and @Born2bAlive

And maybe I am missing sth? Can the Gate-Guardian drop sth else?


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