Champion of the Warmaker: bug or intended, anyone..?

Hi peoples. Last night I finally completed my first run of our new dungeon, the Warmakers Stronghold. And just for the record, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great job Funcom. However I encountered something unprecedented near the end after finally defeating the Champion of the Warmaker, and I am uncertain if this is a bug or intended.

When I attempted to harvest his body it yielded nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING. I tried a pick, a hatchet, a pickaxe, a skinning knife and a cleaver, but not one single thing for any of them! Furthermore, no matter how many times I whacked his body with them it never disappeared either. Suspecting his body had simply glithed out, I Admin spawned in a new Champion and killed him using the command. However, the same thing happened, his body could not be harvested either.

Can anyone clarify what is going on here for me please, a little help…!?

It is indeed Shadoza (I think) he has heavy black plate armour on and looks like a really big ‘Black Knight’ off Quest for the Holy Grail, and his Warhammer/Mace looks like an outdoor lamp. For the record I am not bagging him out here, I think he looks cool. But yeah same here, he yields nothing when harvested and has armour scraps in his inventory.

Ps- from what I have gathered, they (useless rags), are armour shards used to build a new set of armour from the feats found in the dungeon.

@Croms_Faithful i have reported the issue on testlive as well but havent got an answer if it was intended or not.

Yeah I only really use Light or Medium myself. But no not unless the Rusted armour is medium, but I doubt it. I have found 3 feats in there thus far; Warmaker weapons, Godbreaker armour and Arena Champions armour (on 3 tablets). However, in the frozen corridor just before the champion near the Mammoths, I noticed there was an ice door with a Black Yetti and some blue torches on the other side which I could make out. However, I could not for the life of me figure out how to open this door. Did you? There may be something inside there. Did anyone get it open…?

Ok so we are not simply isolated incidents here then. Thanks Narelle! We may not hear anything until next week being the weekend now, but if no one has any ideas, I may call a CMs attention here.

Maybe. If you do happen to find anything out Shadoza, please do share it, and I will do the same. I found another relatively small thread discussing it but it seems they had no luck either.

Ps- you could always just make the Godbreaker heavy armour for one of your strongest thralls. I tend to do this and turn them into even more of a tank.

And where is this new dungeon?

Its the newest one Roman. Simply take the maproom to Klael’s Stronghold, walk to the top of the stairs and go through the door to enter. But I caution you, it is the most difficult dungeon yet, so make sure you are VERY well equipped for it.

I understand where it is, thank you. I will try it tonight :slight_smile:

Good luck Roman. It is recommended for groups. Do you have a clan, and what is your play mode?

We play pvp. In a clan, 2 people are, well, plus a couple more acquaintances are from another clan. How many people should be in a group, so that you can get through? Do you have a chance?

Oh you will definately stand a chance as a clan. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself, and I was just going to give you some tips if you were too, as it can be brutal if you are going it alone (I didnt even take a thrall). But no in a group you will be fine as can be.

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A number of people have now asked this question, both here and un other threads, and unless there is a post somewhere we have missed, no one seems to have an answer. So I want to ask it one more time, and just get an answer no matter the result. To restate the question/bug report:

Could someone please be kind enough to tell us if this is intended or a bug…? @Ignasi or @Hugo, could either settle this once and for all?


Hey @Croms_Faithful

We’ll poke our team about this to see if it is intended. Will update this message once we hear something back. :slight_smile:


Great! Thankyou kindly Ignasis.

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