Another question for devs about the purge meter

Though I didn’t get any answer for my last question, even after after all the bribes offered, I am going to ask another question.

These are all we know about earning purge points, as what they reference is also not visible in the devkit.

I assume “Human” means a player, though depending on what “NPC” means, maybe not…

So what exactly does “NPC” stand for in this context? Is it any enemy? Only humanoid enemies? Only thrallable enemies? Some clarification would be much appreciated.

And here’s all the bribes waiting to be collected (double bribes if you answer the other question too):
:cookie: :cake: :coffee:
:pineapple::pizza: :beer:


Added some booze.

I’ll bribe them with whatever it takes.


“Kill Human” means “kill a player”. “Kill NPC” mean “kill a human NPC”. No monsters or animals, just humans.

I don’t work for Funcom and I don’t have access to the code, but I did test this extensively while playing on the Exiled Lands map.


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