Several questions (slaves, Unique NPC killed...)

Several questions :

  1. What do the “purges” mean ?

  2. If we kill a unique aggressive NPC (with a unique name), will he be able to repop (respawn) later ?

  3. If a friendly NPC is killed by accident, will he be able to return (respawn) later ?
    And can we talk to him then ?

  4. Is it possible to enslave unique NPCs?

  5. I have not yet found any NPCs to talk to (game tutorial, journey), how do we recognize them ?

  6. In absolute terms (in theory), is it possible to find a female slave specialist in any trade / profession, and at a high level of competence ?

  7. Can not move an archer or a fighter ? (when he’s already placed in one place)

  1. Purge is a mechanic where your bases will be attacked by waves of enemies. The Purge can happen whether you are online for it or offline. Servers have their own rules for Purges. Some servers limit the Purge to happen during certain times or with a certain number of people online. You use Thralls to defend your base while you are offline. The Purge mechanic however does not work properly on most servers.

  2. You can kill a named NPC, it will respawn eventually. Some named NPC have a 100% spawn rate meaning they are always up. Others have a chance to spawn so you may kill a named NPC and a non-named NPC will respawn in its place.

  3. Friendly NPCs will respawn and you can talk to them.

  4. If by unique NPCs you mean the religion trainers or ones who teach emotes, no, you cannot enslave them.

  5. Do a quick Google search on the Journey you need, you’ll find resources to help identify where you need to go.

  6. Yes, there are named female thralls. I do not know if there is one for every profession.

  7. To move a thrall hold E while your cursor is over them. There will be a Move option.

Two easiest spots for a new player to complete the “find someone to talk to” journey step.

One - Arcos the Wanderer. He’s in a spot on the south beach in the Sentinels. There’s two large statues that are separated by water that you can see from pretty far away. Just go talk to him.

Two - Nunu the Cannibal. He’s just across the south beach river. A little northwest of Shattered Bridge. There’s a big cliff behind his area.

OK Thanks.

I will rephrase 2 questions:

  1. If I kill a unique NPC who has quite high skills in a field (combat, forge, gunsmith, dancer … etc.), Will the one who will replace him have the same level of skill ?
  1. I do not necessarily speak about unique NPCs, I just wonder if exiled women or other factions (it does not matter if they have a unique name or not) can all be found, in theory, by being specialized (blacksmith , cook, gunsmith, carpenter, smelter … etc) ?
    Can have a job in all fields: (blacksmith, cook,…etc. ?

(I’m french and my english isn’t very good…)

  1. The unique NPC will eventually respawn there. But in most cases it will take time for that to happen. Unique (T4) thralls for the most part share their spawn points with lower tier thralls. So you may have to clear them out several times before the T4 respawns in.

  2. There is no such faction. But there are T4 thralls that are female.

OK, thanks. :slight_smile:

For now, I play solo so I prefer to form a “harem” of competent women in all areas, if I can find them… lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Purge is a feature which should add pressure to both pve and pvp. It means several waves of enemies attacking your base (or rather one of them), attempting to destroy it.
Your purgemeter can be found in the inventory, below your character. First line is the treshold from which on you might be selected for a purge. Second line is the hard cap, meaning you cannot build up more purge points. There is no guarantuee for you to be hit by a purge on hitting any of both lines.
Its only a chance - and currently there is a setting called max purges per day. Its max value is 24 (ingame, I guess higher if altered via altering the server config) which also tells about how its not a guarantueed number per day. Rather a cap how many might happen.
Then everyone with a sufficient treshhold (first line or beyond) is participating in the lottery.
If you get hit by a working purge, there might a unique thrall part of it - Eighter some fighter/archer or some crafter. The crafters are really nice to have.
Blacksmiths can craft the legendary repairkits, allowing to repair up to 100% durability, including legendary weapons!
Carpenter are rather useless, allowing to create branches from wood OR vice versa, I forgot which way.
Armorers may craft backpacks (like the ones from bearers).
Alchemists are probably the second most wanted purge thralls. They allow to craft black and white dye.

  • If we kill a unique aggressive NPC (with a unique name), will he be able to repop (respawn) later ?

Sure. I’ve read about them having a chance of 1% to spawn though. Except for guarantueed spawns, like in volcano or that certain dancer at derketo.

  • If a friendly NPC is killed by accident, will he be able to return (respawn) later ?

If you mean a thrall - no!
If you mean some npc like derketo priestess or else teachers - yes!

And can we talk to him then ?

In case of teachers or lore guys - yes!

  • Is it possible to enslave unique NPCs?

Neighter teachers nor traders from set city/seperemu. Plus a few friendly guys who are there for lore.
But regular named thralls? Yes.

  • I have not yet found any NPCs to talk to (game tutorial, journey), how do we recognize them ?

Uhm… Having a name and reacting on pressing e. (default key for interacting)
There arent too many of those in the game, so you might want to search for a while.
Traders will react as well, telling what they sell at which cost.

  • In absolute terms (in theory), is it possible to find a female slave specialist in any trade / profession, and at a high level of competence ?

I guess you mean t4 (named) thralls?
i.e. daya (smelter) from seperemu
one or more armorers from seperemu
some carpenter from eighter black galleon or that other black hand camp in swungle (shipwreck)
Some smith at black galleon or shipwreck in swungle
armorer at black galleon/shipwreck
cook at black galleon/shipwreck
Fia (armorer) at pagoda (derketo)
talitha (smith) from dogs of desert camp “den”
several dancers all over the map

  • Can not move an archer or a fighter ? (when he’s already placed in one place)

Hold e and select that hand which looks like picking up. You wont get the thrall into your inventory again, but you will be able to place her/him elsewhere. It does have a maximum range though, but that is quite big.

OK, thanks.

During purges, attacking enemies are mostly NPCs (some potentially craftsmen), is that it ?

And during purges, opposing players can participate, depending on the setting of the purges on the server, is that it too ?

It depends what kind of purge you get.
A spider-, scorpion- or undeadpurge will never come with thralls. (I think?)

However, Hyena, black hand, darfari and so on… all of them DO come with thralls.
I wonder if there is a list?

Of course people can help, as nothing on the servers is instanced but I dont know if that will count for the journey for them. They might be able to steal such a precious thrall though. (I think only one special per purge will spawn. Usual named thralls might use up that slot as well though.)

Thanks a lot.

You all say “thralls” but there is no word in French to name the thralls. In French, thrall means “servitude”, in other words “slave”.

But for you, thrall is a NPC (human) that can potentially become a slave, is that it? And it can be a warrior like a blacksmith, isn’t it ?

The appellations T1, T2 … T4 (T4 is the max, yes ?) correspond to the skill level of the thrall, yes ?

I heard that there was another hierarchy over that of the Thirds X: novice, veteran, sidekick … etc, I do not know the exact hierarchy, is there also this hierarechy, in addition to the T (X) ?

I think “thrall” is the official name of them.
In german its “Leibeigener” which is basically a slave as well.
(Oh, and do go correcting me there. I know its a little more complicated than that.)

When speaking of thralls, its usually the owned thralls which are meant. Maybe I abuse the word for them.
Technically animals and monsters are NPCs as well. Maybe that is the reason I use “thrall” for human NPCs which are potential slaves. But I guess the most important point is me refusing to acknowledge a bunch of these digits as “human”.

In english and german, those thralls/npcs are called like “zingarian archer I”.
T4 covers all thralls/npcs which got a name instead of such a generic name. (Which would be worth a suggestion. To call them apprentice, journeymen, master and then usual named instead of I-III and then named.)
Same applies to building pieces:
Sandstone being t1.
Isolated wood and brick being t2.
Reinforced brick, black ice, khitan and aquilonian being t3.

There is a single place where a example of that is being shown. Try the slavers at that one wheel in Seperemu. (Set city, where the set priest spawn is.)
They got those titles instead of I-III.

OK thanks

I would like to make a mini-mod to add (overwrite, exactly) a command in the file “game.ini” which will not be reset at any time, after disconnection of the client or other.

But as the content of “game.ini” can change in any way, with or without personal modification, I want my new “game.ini” to have a command that refers to the original file (game.ini) in the original file folder.

Some commands are reset as soon as you click Settings in the game.

I just wish a particular command does not change.

So by creating a file “game.ini” with the reference to the original file and my order (command) in question, it will never change again.

Anyone know how to do that ?

What does the green arrow pointing down on the icons of weapons and armor (and perhaps other items) mean ?

tu l’as dit toi même “serviteur” / “esclave” mais 80% du temps quand on parle de thralls on utilise le mot “thrall” même entre français, et même si c pas évident à pronnoncer .

Nuria t’s donné pas mal de réponses. Si y a des choses qui sont tjs pas claires pour toi, hésites pas , j’me ferais un plaisir de t’éclairer.
mais les mods j’ai jamais essayé d’en faire moi même donc, là …sorry

allez, à + et bon game mec !

Merci. Tu sais ce que signifie la flèche verte sur les items ? Ne serait-ce pas lié à un DLC que j’ai pas ?

Si j’achète les DLC j’aurai accès à ces items, c’est ça ?

ah oui ça doit être ça en effet, si tu la vois sur des items genre “fondation aquilonienne, fondation kithan ou épée à 2 mains aquilonienne” c bien des items du dlc… perso ça me dit rien. après je sais que chaque item correspond à tel ou tel dlc donc c pour ça que j’me suis jamais posé la questet que j’ai jamais prêté attention à cette flèche en question.
si t’as tjs des doutes la prochaine fois que tu joues, fais nous un screen et vient le poster ici, comme ça, on pourra te dire direct ce que ç’est.

allez bon jeu l’ami !


Oui, c’est bien ça, j’ai acheté les 2 petits DLC, sauf la Barbarian Edition, et les items (armes et armures essentiellement, peut-être aussi les pièces de construction, c’est possible, j’ai pas vérifié) et la flèche a disparu et je peux donc les fabriquer (sans dépenser de points d’aptitudes je crois), c’est surtout cosmétique / esthétique, y a quelques différences de dégâts et d’armure sur certains, mais pas tous.

Et y a bien de l’aquilonien, du kithan…etc.

Certaines armes et armures sont jolies et assez stylées…, mais ça dépend des goûts de chacun.

Bon jeu à toi aussi. :slight_smile:

What is the max level ? 60 or 100 ?

without mods = lvl 60