Any plan to give a free weekend to old players?

Don´t really feel like paying 1/10th of the minimum wage of my country to play my account, any plans to have a free weekend?

Perhaps you should try fr00b? :slight_smile:
The sub cost is high, but if its 1/10th of your salary, a normal price would still be almost 1/10th…

It´s more about geopricing. Most mmo´s nowdays have pricing based on the region the person is playing. ESO for exemple costs $14.99 a month, but in my country costs $2.99 simply because the game adapted it´s price to reality.

Don´t get me wrong, i can afdford 15usd no problem, but i just want to check out my accounts.

I dont know about geopricing, its unfair…
But you could argue that the price of AO should be much lower than it is today.