Any way to wipe PS4 private without resetting all charaters?

I want to wipe my private server to restart, with some game play changes and to remove remnants of the dismantle bench issue and non-capturable thralls. I don’t want everyone who has leveled up to lose their feats (especially learned feats from the world)
Is there a way on PS4 to do this?

Only thing I can think of is everyone drinking yellow lotus potion to reset all spent points (both attribute and feature) without forgetting recipes and such features learnt.
And only way to wipe buildings would be if everyone joins a Clan and then all leave all clans.

Is this a solo game or gportal private server?

Gportal private, PS4. Not very script friendly or db accessible :frowning:
I may have a solution. I can password it for 2-3 days, set the decay to 24 hours, 24 hour abandon, thralls to 1 day etc. No one could refresh their stuff, so it would decay. Turn idle thirst to max so everyone dies off of starvation as well to clear their inventories.

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