Anybody else notice this? Additional faction outfits appearing in clothing options


While I was going through my character’s dressing room, I noticed something odd. As of right now, playing as a Templar, only the Enlisted Order and Honoured Order outfits are unlocked with my character at level 50. However, looking at locked outfits, I noticed that the Gilded Order, Knightly Order, and Laurelled Order outfits are all in the game. I noticed it too with my Dragon alt.

Have they been in the game this entire time, or were they recently added? If it’s the latter, could this mean that the level cap may be raised at some point in the near future?


They’ve been there all along. They, along with the faction scooter, are granted by “faction rank up”, which, whatever it is, isn’t in the game yet.


Ah, thanks. Didn’t know that.