Anyone know what's causing these huge framerate drops on my base?

I’ll alt tab out of the game and it will be 60fps for 10 seconds and then it drops back down to crappy fps

The CPU/GPU ultilization is balls when this happens. My rig isn’t terrible neither. 10900k, 4070, 32gbs of ram. I got the game running off a NVME gen 3 drive. Like but inside my base it’s 30fps or lower.

Excessive storage.

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Storage? you say? why storage?

More photos could help us determine the issue. You could have 50 thralls behind you for all we know.

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Too much torches can be a case but this 1 screenshot not show enough

No torches, just like 5 fireplaces.

And yeh we have like 100 thralls. Bjt i shouldnt be having fps issue. Becauze it seems the game isnt using all of my.cpu or gpu. Maybe jf it did i wouksnt be getting 30fps drops.

Yep. I agree. Having a clear Loot-Goblin ancestry myself, I do find my fps and memory fail crashes only start kicking in after prolonged stock-stores. A while back I ‘tested’ this by moving ALL my storage items well away from my base. It could have been purely coincidence, but I found being in the base (quite large) had a much lower rate than when I ran across to when the storage stash started res-ing in. Huge spike. Now I just try to keep my stored stocks as low as possible and not clustered together. Hard to do as anyone sharing my Loot-Goblin ancestry (thanks Granny) :slight_smile:

Could be the private server you’re on. But ya, storage, flame animations, thrall bench animation, post processing, shadows, all eats fps. I try to avoid torches, and wish bench thralls would take a break when done.

Im on official. Its just annoying because i have all that headroom on my hardware to not be having a stuttery mess in the game and the game just wants to lag things up. :upside_down_face:

Are you built near any camps ? Golems are pretty laggy , thralls doing emotes , size of your base and building type also have affects on performance.

Really :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m just going to assume its a per clan member thing.

My issue is just the opposite, my old clunker gets brought down to it’s knees by a couple builds on my public server, hate having to go around them but 10fps is just nauseating.

I’d say check server lag with the debughud, but they removed that. That was my way of telling if it was the server or me :flushed:

I recently went for a troubleshoot around my own base in SP and found the thralls on my crafting benches were causing significant frame drops. Probably 10ish of them working away to cause it, which is actually crazy tbh. About 30ish meters out from them and everything’s smooth on Ultra, at 60fps. Taking them all out I was getting 55fps at the heaviest areas instead of 30-35ish.

I’ve heard if you enable it in SP, then load a server it stays up. Haven’t tested myself.

Is it more of a optimization thing tho with the game itself? Especially when im getting like huge fps drops when the game doesnt even want to use most of my gpu or cpu power to fix it.

Pretty much yeah. As much as I love CE, it is poorly optimised, no denying that.

Some of it stems from the engine reaching its limits, which literally can’t be fixed, and some stems from technical debt and rocky development. The later can be fixed, but it’d take a tremendous amount of time and effort. Which costs money. Pretty much building the game again from the ground up.

Because all storage nearby you is constantly keeping the data for all the items in them running. Consolidate stacks of items and declutter, less to process.


They need to improve the code that stores items. Im no expert but simplying so that it doest load in everything around you but only when you open the crate seems like a better way of going about it

The game is just poorly optimized.

If you’re getting lag, and you’re not CPU-bound or GPU-bound, then it’s I/O. And that, in this case, means network. As others pointed out, having lots of storage containers is the usual culprit, because the server has a lot of data to send to the client.

Follower limit formula for official servers is 50 per clan + 15 per clan member. And that’s the soft limit. The hard limit is 100 over the soft limit.

This means that they’re either in a 4-player clan, or they used temporary clanning to go over the soft limit.

The debug HUD overlay can be activated in single-player and it stays on for the rest of the session, unless you turn it off in single-player. However, the only thing it shows is the ping. Server FPS is absent, and so is the number of connected players.

It’s not about the code that stores them. It’s about sending a bunch of data over the wire. And my guess is that the problem isn’t the amount of stuff you have in those containers. It’s having so many containers in the first place. I believe that the overhead of sending the inventory for each one of them adds up.

That might be true. However, if I’m right about the underlying cause of the problem, optimizing that would be Really Fuсking Hard™ :wink:

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Aha, good to know, ty.


I heard it was animations like torches, lights, campfires, and thralls and pets doing animations too.

Try switching all lights off to see if that makes a difference.