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Previously I posted the above and while it may not be a BUG, it is annoying.

From what I gather part of this change in their behavior was not allies to the clan, but not actual clan members would not be attacked. While I personally think it is ridiculous, I would make the following suggestion. Why not have an ADMIN (or Clan) setting that allows the clan to dictate how aggressive Clan Thralls behave - such as

Level 1 Aggressive - Only attack, if a clan member or clan property is attacked.

Level 2 Aggressive - Only attack, if a clan member attacks foes, if a clan member or clan property is attacked.

Level 3 Aggressive - Attack anything and everything (including animals) that comes within bow shot, if they are not part of the clan.

Just my opinion. I long for the days when nothing could get near our base without our archers blotting out the sun with arrows.

BTW - We have two FREYA named archers at a base and at least twice they DID NOT attack enemy exiles with arrows until AFTER our clan member was dead. Our clan member was the only player in the area (level 60) and fought the enemy exiles for a while within bow range of the FREYAS without ANY assistance.

With the new Pet System in the works, we wonder if it is even worth keeping the thralls at all if they will not do their job.

I have been playing since EA and absolutely love the game, but this is something that really needs to be looked at being adjusted.


I also play on the PC - in Solo-Player mode.

I have 5 archers (1-Level 3, 2-Level 2, and 2-Level 1) outside the Den at a base that I built.

I led a Grey Rhino over within range of the archers. The archers did not shoot.

I shot the Grey Rhino with several arrows. The archers did not shoot.

I engaged the Grey Rhino with a Hardened Steel Greatsword. The archers did not shoot.

I took damage from the Grey Rhino. The archers did not shoot.

I was injured to 60% of max health by a Grey Rhino charge. The archers finally started to shoot.

By the time I was able to get up and get on the base, the Grey Rhino had trampled me to 30% of max health.



Totally agreed. I started a suggestion thread for an AI Overhaul for NPC’s because they really don’t work well at the moment. They sometimes will shoot one enemy and leave the one beside it alone completely.

:thinking: Absolutely hate this system. Immersion Broken. Like it’s been said the thralls will only attack anything if any of the below or combination of them are met:
A)the player is nearby
B)the player is getting hit 1st
C)They ran some checks and balances 1st and then decide to lend a hand

Sometimes they never lend any help at all when you are fighting or dying. The thralls need some help, their code is screwed. I’ve had fighter thralls follow me looking the wrong way, like they are covering our butts running backwards.

Don’t count on a thrall to help you and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they do! My crafter thralls even revolt sometimes standing up at the station with their arms out ready to do jumping jacks. Thralls are resisting the programming of the wheel of pain. :rofl:

:thinking: I have also noticed that certain thralls are more powerful before they are broken and become fragile as glass after broken on the wheel. To the point of a non-broken thrall killing a broken version of the same thrall, sometimes 2 of this named broken thrall. I think they go from T4 to T2 after the wheel of pain.

If the thrall has a peg leg going into the wheel of pain shouldn’t they come out with it? I mean you are not made whole again! You just change teams…


The pirate peg leg is considered armor and can be put on and removed. It can be crafted provided you find the recipe and have the correct armorer on the bench to craft them. I know it really does not make sense, but that is how it works in the game.

Yeah I know the recipe but it’s dumb, instead that thrall should be animated with a peg leg and eye patch that cannot be removed and putting something over it covers it up. The recipe should be for making all your thralls look this way. Thralls should have interesting features which make some different then others. Just my 2 cents…

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