Archer Thralls Complacent in Attacking

Game mode: [Online] - Gportal Private Server
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA] - In Game anywhere

We have bases at the Sentinels, near the Summoning Place, near the Den, at Buccaneer Bay, near New Asagarth, and near the Mound of the Dead.

We have placed Archer Thralls at all of the bases. Prior to the final release date (in solo-player co-op mode) when we had Archer Thralls guarding our bases they would attack ANYTHING that came in range. Now it seems they only attack (sometimes) if our character is at the base and we are physically attacked by something. It really ticks us off that we have to engage with something to get the archers to (occasionally) attack. Meanwhile my dancer (dressed in Derketo “armor”) has no problem rushing to engage the enemy. What gives?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place thrall archers at base
  2. Lure enemy to the base
  3. Watch the archers just stand around
  4. Let enemy attack your character
  5. Watch some of the archers start to attack the enemy (sometimes)

This bug has been in place since June or late May. Fucom shows no real sense of urgency in fixing it. In fact, they have not mentioned it that I’ve seen. I am certain they must be aware of it, but they seem to think that silly new content like pets and feeding are more important than critical, game breaking bugs.

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At the 1:07:40 minute mark your start to discuss Passive Mode and then go into discussion about the 1:08:00 minute mark (through 1:09:00 mark) you start to talk about the rules for when Thralls (and Pets) will attack, which is when the player or thrall (or pet) gets hit.

I preferred the old “rule” that anything that was not in the clan was immediately attacked by the thralls without the character having to get attacked.

If my character is being chased by wolves as I head to my base, it would make sense that the thralls would start to attack immediately instead of standing there watching to see IF I get attacked before they start to attack. Just a thought. Or an option to increase the aggressiveness of the thralls. I am not really sure why it was changed from the way it was prior to 08-May.

I watched a video of two people playing CE during EA and long for the days when thrall archers would blot out the sun with arrows anytime anything wandered within bow shot range.

Please bring back the aggressive archers!


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