Are they still working on this game?

Been struggling with my guild returning to AoC and was wondering if they still work on it. I noticed a chart that indicated classes played and some are hardly played at all vs some that are overplayed, in this situation obviously class tweaking is needed, but does it occur anymore?
What about crafting, is it used for anything as far as armor and weapons?
Do they add new dungeons and raids?
I there any reason to upgrade or even have a guild city/fort?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

Class and crafting revamp probably never, the crafting revamp was canceled in 2013 or 2014.
There is some PvE group thing happening on the testlive sever for a few selected people, no one else knows what it is and we will probably find out in a few months.

They are working on it but not much at all.
They aren’t tweaking classes as far as i know.
Crafting is good for foods which are used in raids and dungeons. (health, stamina and mana). They can also be bought on the tradepost.
There are still people using the crafting system, mainly W3 crafting for the ibis weapon and T3 crafting for some of the best weapons in the game. (sogoth 2H, bugged with way too high white hits) (1h as offhand for conqs and burbars) and protshield for tanks, poms and tosses).
They are currently working on something, they haven’t reviled what it is jet or when they will release it.
My personal opinion is not to join the game if you are waiting for new content because they don’t release new dungeons and raids that fast. But if you haven’t done all the content or nothing at all then theres plenty of stuff to do.
Guildcity gives you small buffs, but with the low amount of players i think it might be better to join a guild who already has one. There are many small guilds out there who has full T3 guildcity with all the buffs.

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Thank you for your info…It is too bad really, this game had so much potential and still does, I was excited for Conan Exiles until I found out it was not an MMO but one of those games that runs on cheesy rental servers and has like a 70 person cap. Just can’t play those cheap games and every little indie company out there is making those now. :frowning:

I guess only big companies like Square Enix can bring back their old games from the dead like they did with FFXIV, was hoping funcom would do it with AoC.