Crafting Update

I have heard much about a crafting revamp that never happened. But for fun, what would you like to see IF we got one? Let’s stay positive please!

You must be late to this party he :)?
whispering very positivly: Watch and enjoy!

What I expected: Collecting new materials (with new technics), crafting new weapons and armors that stay relevant in later stages of the game, upgrading armor pieces (with special crafted materials), dungeons / raids that become relevant for crafting, dyes / skins for items to create more variety, more set bonuses and more interesting crafting (on stations instead of clicking on create in a book).

I wonder where all that went…

Oh wait, it’s exactly what Conan Exiles got. The game is literally everything they promised for the crafting revamp.

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To be honest, armor and weapon crafting more or less became obsolete when Khitai released in 2010. And now that people are getting T4 gear from raid finder, it’s even more so.

Basically like the way crafting works now… just need to build on it with new and better recipes. Level 80 potions for alchemists, crafted gems that fit into chaos rings, new armors and weapons. Heck, folks are still running w3 crafting runs for the Ibis swords… should be able to get beyond that now. Don’t need a whole new crafting system… just new recipes.

I would also like to have a beautiful craft system, forging your ax has always had an unparalleled charm for me, I always liked the concept of the warrior who builds his own weapon but AoC (and games like AoC), even with a revamp of the craft has not an environment suitable for a thriving business.
This type of craft is very suited to Conan Exile (as it was fine in DAOC, for those who remember it) and is much less suitable for AoC for a very simple reason, in AoC gear is eternal.
While in Exile the gear deteriorates over time or can be stolen, a craft system makes sense, but in an environment with eternal gear, it has much less sense, because a player, on a character, will buy a certain item ONLY ONCE in all his life, this does not allow a trade where there is a constant flow of request for items; and items are not just crafted, so vendors not only compete with other vendors, but also with gear in dungeons; it is also eternal.

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There might be other ways to fit the crafting in rather than trying to sell a ton of average items.

There could be enchanters with enchantment that wore off after so long. To get enchantment you have to destoy other items for an essense. Wolla now you got an item sink and the flow on the trader can start.

Other proffessions could do this too. Rename gemcutters to gemcrafters. Gems are made from same type of essense as enchantments.
Item sink 2.

Alcemist, potions are consumable amd has a flow itself. Make more powerful potions by destroying items to get the essense named above and mix it into the potion.
Item sink 3.

The trader should now have a steady flow of items. Given that the enchantment, gems and potions are valuable and strong enough.

Armor and weapon crafters can now sell their items mostly to other crafters but sometimes also to players aiming to use it. In this way they will actually earn gold. Their ultimate job would be to craft spectaculare raid gear like ibis etc.

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