Are you ready for fun?

I did not miss that!
So if I died, I started in the desert. :wink:

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So ending day 2…
I manage to stay alive and gather some levels and gold, so I went to buccaneers Bay to buy a mercenary and some proper dishes of spiced food.

We raid this Lemurian camp a lot so she will have a decent armor set, I dressed my self too and I took some reserves for the road.
We killed some spider bosses too but rng wasn’t in favor today.
3 bows :pensive:, 2 set of daggers and one hammer, not bad yet a sword or an axe would fit me better.

I desperately need a glimermoon, I still didn’t farm a torch too, so the nights are still pitch black. Level 49 so tomorrow we travel to Sepermeru to remove corruption and then mount of the dead. I will grind the camps there to get some stronger armor pieces for my fighter. Maybe I will manage to go 60 too, depends on the time I will have to play, so cross fingers for a not so busy day.

Can you suggest me a name for my fighter?


In this specific rule set that is the case. You clearly didn’t read my response or the comment I was responding to or you wouldn’t have bothered to make this comment. :woman_facepalming:

Does that make it more clear for you now?

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Seraphina Vængr


In my case it’s because I’ve only played on PVP and it’s very distracting having to get revenge on people constantly! Not to mention whenever I manage to get some of the bits together for the keystone thingy someone raids me and I lose them :sob:

And yes, part of me doesn’t want the game to end. But maybe it’s time one of my poor exiles actually escaped.

@stelagel I just realised no crafting means no horses or maprooms. The horror… the horror. I always thought it would be cool if the Archivist’s maproom was functional for exiles.


I wasn’t replying to your entire response - just this bit… you know, like a side-note. :wink:

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I don’t know if the chests in the Den have an altered loot table, but I find most of my torches there.


In Den and dungeons you find most the wooden torches. I need the fiber one so I can repair it, it’s only some minutes durability, but it needs just fiber. I will search for it and maybe not, only the Barrow King needs it, a bit, the others are ok without torch, just longer nights that’s all.


Gaming day 3…
So here I am in front of the chaos mouth with Seraphina.

This is a task I must do alone, old habit, but I never take thralls in this quest, they are disturbing me more than helping me. Other than that she has to stay here and provide me her gear if something goes wrong. If I die I will have to run all the way up here and maybe I will loose all my gear, so she stays here, it’s just better.
Here I am, level 60, full epic repaired with legendary repair kits, unnamed city was kind enough to provide me some buff potions too.

Let’s go then…

To be continued…


I’m living for it @stelagel



Hopefully I made it

I took the artifact

Took a deep breath before the exit and I find my self being hitted by only one guardian with 1h sword, so I dodge and flee

The rest is just easy, I couldn’t believe that I made it alive from this damn exit.
I played 2 hours more and here’s the rest


I just started this on my solo play. Been having fun so far!!!


OK… anyone who says PVE players are not hardcore needs to read this. I’m just imagining trying to do northern dungeons without even a light source, going back to the desert every time I die. Insane. I not only would not do this, I think I could not do this. Not without a few controller-shaped holes in the TV.


Playing this on single player is the best. You can use every single spawn on the map, you are really “alone”, when you log out to continue the next day, you still have the food you buy from Sepermeru, or Buccaneers bay, less to zero lags and safe log out.
For me the greatest fun part was in two pieces.
One, after so many years of restarts and walk as a cardinal from the desert, fearless from sandstone, mobs and hunger, not to be able to craft, made me feel agony for survival, like the very first days, this feeling was priceless.
The second part is that I am a main war axe fighter, but I always start with daggers. Now I had to play with everything rng gives me. In my solo effort I finished the game without war axe and daggers, it was something to take me out of my box.
Have fun @Oduda, I surely had a lot, that’s why I suggest it.
Special thanks to @Radiken for triggering this idea :+1:t6:.


Now you felt like a true survivor! Nice journey by the way!
One life next time? :wink:
(Or for true mazochists: one life no crafting? Hahaha!)


I died until level 15 twice, yet my loot was not so important to go for it. At level 23 or 25 I went for hanumans staff. 3 efforts on Neebs chest going Sepermeru to Den to farm vital things and I got bored, so I try my luck on the cave, ofcurce I died so I felt tired and log out, I didn’t go again to loot my things. The next day I got so lucky killing a darfari and have the darfari axe. So I runned to jungle and in the way I farmed as much as aloe I could carry. After this I never died again. Yet if we are going to recreate characters it would have a mandatory after level 15 for example, imagine dieing at the exit of the desert and have to recreate character, it would be annoying.
In any case I beg you to consider rules and make a new challenge. As I said to @Radiken I am thinking of a Legolas challenge, only bows and daggers.
Please my m@sochist friend place the new challenge in a new post and mention my name to read your rules and start at once.
I beg once, don’t make me beg twice :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Bring it on @rolee9309


My Easter vacations is only four days and i need to play, so let’s go to this Legolas build challenge, same difficulty with above but only daggers and bows. However you have to unlock the feats of stone daggers and bow, but only these 2 on their primitive (stone wooden) form, but nothing else.

Let’s do it…

You can unlock only these feats

It sounds easier but it’s not, since the cherry on the cake is that your mercenary will have to wield different weapon than yours, so if you choose daggers in fight, your mercenary will have to use bow, or the other way around, so choose your fights wisely.


Jeeze, if they could remove the AI love of flipping around while wielding a set of daggers that might be alright. As it is…damn…


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