Arena champion toughest in game

Thats one tough lady, i spent the last few hours trying to beat her and finally after getting three named thralls killed and loosing six sets of flawless epic armour she fell. How many hp does she have? in the last attempt i fought her for 30+ minutes using venom infused war axe( which broke) before switching to flawless pictish war axe (which nearly broke). I’ve watched videos on YouTube and she didnt seem that strong, hitting her didnt seem to be doing any damage just put poison and bleed on her. She only has one skull above her, should be five. Barrow king, Kinscourge and the witch queen are all so much easier to beat. I like how she can kill with three strikes, keeps you on your toes, but after that i needed a coffee so war-maker can ■■■■ off, if she was that hard whats he like.

She just have a lot of armor. Something like 98% damage reduction. Just use high armor penetration.


Nice one, just checked the axes and 0% armour penetration on both😂


If you like axes, get Yog’s Touch from one of the bosses that drops the statuettes for the key. I think it’s the one to the right. All the drops from it are named after one of the gods, so not hard to figure out which one.

And get World Breaker from the wight boss in the trap area for your thrall.

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Had yogs touch in inventory on previous attempt, when i died i lost it and there was no body to loot when i went back 10 minutes later

Use thralls (only T4 from strong factions) and heal him/her while fighting with healing arrows! She hits like a damn truck on LSD :smiley:

Don’t know if they changed it, but I got 2 Annihilator and 2 World Breaker from 6 or 7 kills of the wight, so the drop rate isn’t that bad.

Also you don’t even have to go through the Arena Champions room. Right before the door to the arena, there’s a crack in the wall on the left. You can just crouch and go through that :slight_smile:

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Have the world breaker hanging on my wall, didnt like the heavy attack i had it on me in last fight just didnt use it. getting tooled up now going to give it to Janos and see how it goes. Need to collect armour scraps so she is going down

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Hammer light attack is awesome imo :slight_smile:

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Also, take a couple (20-25) of firespark arrows and poison arrows (your thrall will need a mask). I usually just run support for my boss thrall. Heals as necessary as well.

Thanks for the advice, its too easy now. Went round enough times to get armour made and have some nice new weapons for the wall. Time for a new adventure

She is one of the easiest bosses to beat solo.
Ideally u need yogs touch with a spiked fitting on it (reaches 55% pen), but any 1h axe will do with same fitting on… do 4 hard attacks on her, then roll back (ofc light armour on). 4rth attack will send her to the ground… Roll and keep moving back will help stamina regen… rinse and repeat . U will kill her unscathed

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