Armor and resists?

Hi hi.

Been playing a short bit with friends… built a nice little hut up in the northern green (out of the way so the tribes dont irritate me).

Then came a Cimmurian? purge… with like 3 bezerkers per wave and kicked my ■■■■■ in… and the ■■■■■ of everyone helping me.

My group has access to star metal, so I was looking at the armor, but noticed it like ‘doubles’ my resists to temperature. The way I figure it, if I upgrade to ‘star metal’ I’m gonna be walking around in i’m getting frostbite just from standing out on my front porch type armor, because, sadly, the armor style I love is ‘heat resist’.

At ‘tier 1’ basic armor… i’m ‘chill but ok’… its not telling me i’m cold but my heat meter is slightly south of the middle. Is there any ‘top tier’ armor that wouldn’t just ‘freeze/fry’ my brains with heatwave/frostbite… unless I’m standing in the middle of a blizzard/volcano?

Was running around as a pict warchief, but willing to entertain other styles if something wont just render me a walking icecube/bonfire.

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