Armor Value Changes

I don’t know if this is intended, but I discovered something I thought I should report.

  1. I made a set of light Poitain armor (mostly because I like the look) to start off with my new character. It had an armor value of 111 when I was wearing it.

  2. Then I killed enough of the “Asura” people to steal their clothes for a full set. Under the old system, Asura armor gave a total of +15 to Survival. Under the new system, the armor was better than my Poitain set with a value of 160. It also has the following bonuses:

  • Hood = +6% Agility Weapon Damage
  • Chest = +40 Health
  • Gloves = +10% Concussive Damage
  • Leggings = +40 Health
  • Boots = +8% Follower Damage

So far, so good.

  1. I put the Poitain light armor set on my new Relic Hunter Fighter. When my Relic Hunter wears the same armor I had, the value jumped to 151.

Is this intended or is there a bug in armor worn by thralls? Just checking…

does your thrall have agility? not 100% sure now but before the agility or some of the perks used to give armor bonus.

That might be it. The thrall was at 0 (new thrall), but I didn’t think to look at the stats of the thrall. She’s up to level 4 now (no perks yet), but yes, she has the following:

  • Strength 4
  • Agility 23
  • Vitality 16
  • Grit 19

Attribute Bonuses:

  • Max Strength Damage Bonus 3%
  • Max Agility Damage Bonus 33%
  • Vitality Health Bonus 1,153
  • Grit Armor Bonus 152

Her Health is 3463,

ok so not agility but grit now.

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