Arrival hall filled with people

It’s been many years since I’ve seen the arrival hall, and then when I saw it again it was packed with people :blush: :heart: I just had to share that!


It is almost quite intimidating.

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35 people isn’t filled.

What will be great is when those of us who were playing last night, and whose accounts are now either on “free” or “frozen” status (despite being charged multiple times for subscriptions) can log back in. I’d LOVE to be playing and encouraging others who played during launch (which is a whole other can of worms) to return and enjoy the nostalgia but as it stands it might be wise to avoid the problem.

Sorry, I just had to share that.

The two people i got to try it have already came and left. BECAUSE I CANNOT LOG IN!

Just #fail - com problems sadly =/. Sadly they were never prepared for anything. Its like they just do random things and when a problem pops up they think on how to solve it rather then being prepared for events in case it happens. They have been like this since i was a kid and played AO. I can’t believe they did not evolve from that point ^^.

Imagine i’ve paid for subscription yesterday but the account is still frozen today. I’ve writted a ticked but with my experience i’ve had in the past with their response rate, i am sure i will be able to login sometimes around next week :)). Only Funcom can do such a launch and take the live-chat offline at the same time, just /facepalm

i would be there, but my account frozen since Wednesday :cry:

I subscribed yesterday…played for an hour, joined a clan… game crashed… then no longer have access to the dimension. Sent petition in around 8-9pm GMT. :frowning: Guess they are super busy!

Great picture Savvick ^^

Looks like fun!