Atlantean Shards & Relic IV's

Where does one go to turn these in?? So if there is a vendor does anyone know what is their name & where they are located for both the shards & relic’s ???

You can turn in the tier iv relics in Paikang at the insurrection camp (southwest). The shards in Old Tarantia. There are two vendors standing in the city ‘‘centre’’. Not next to the traders.

To gain access to Paikang where you can exchange Simple relic IV and dragon tears for armour, weapons cloaks and necklaces you need to have purchased the “Rise of the Godslayer Expansion”.
You can also exchange Simple relic IV and T3 rare relics for armour in Coast of Ardashir (in Turan zone) … the armour is classified as T3.5 … To access this zone, you need to have purchased the adventure pack “The Savage Coast of Turan standard pack”.

You trade the Atlantean Shards in at vendors outside the library in OT and not outside the trader.