Khitai HM's should drop t4 relics?

Yes, and why do i think like this?

RF have almost killed Khitai’s HM’s. Why dont let khitai instances drop relics, so we can get these awesome stuffs back.
I only see, this mona/palace…what about all the others no one does anymore.

Eh… I don’t know… T4 relics is a bit too much, thats pretty much the same as the Raidfinder. Easy dungeons to get T4 gear. Everyone would continue to spam Mona / Palace because they are quick and easy.

As many already said, all dungeons should drop Atlantean Shards to make it possible to skip RF, also the T4 relic drops from RF should be made a lot less to avoid killing off the real raids.


No thank you. I would much prefer that the six mans drop Atlanean shards as it takes over 6000 of those to get two rings and four gems (and some people want even more than that if they go for protection and damage rings). Long after my characters are fully geared in t4 I have to take them to RF in order to get the purple box for the shard boost each week … still none of them have all four gems though my “main” is close.

I also would find the ability to exchange the rares for shards and also exchange an appropriate PvP token for shards to be acceptable.


I’m of the same mind as Kwalya in that I would rather see shards drop.

Should drop shards, not relics.

Quest to complete 5 dungeons per week or something and once you complete those 5 you get 100 shards or whatever would work.


Would be easy fix to add shards to those unchained/excavator purple boxes. And new quest for sweeping some less-played dungeons on khitai (like mines of chosain and paikang dungeons).


another reason I speculate it is hard to get players to do six mans is the free to play community can not purchase many khitai items … main pieces, weapons, accessories… all cost more gold than a free to play account can access. They can however purchase t3 & t4 … so logically it’s more benefit to do endless RF to upgrade to mains/weapons they can buy, rather than do six man circuits where they can win better-than-t3 parts but not ultimately be able to kit out in khitai.

Funcom could easily change their gold limit from 10 to ?? 20 (allows purchase of all khitai items I think including the exotic creature handling) or even just 16 which allows purchase of the khitai main pieces.

Khitai gear being s*** is the problem there, combined with the ease of raid finder. It’s not remotely worth grinding. It’s very easy to get Erlik/T4 gear (which destroys it). The weapons are all garbage - not even better than T2 in majority of cases (and even back before T4, only the sin dagger and bs blunt were worth having) and the accessories are all obsolete as well.

Was pretty clear on Saga that buying items has nothing to do with it. Khitai was being farmed until raid finder came out, and then it was all over.

I mean, I would agree they should pull the cost of the items back to 5g or something, but it’s far from the issue here.

even on saga I havent done too many HMs, cause t1 gear is enough to kill t3,5 and t4(guess emp and entity will be hard cause of protect) and just take gear there,but even if u cant - you just go RF
i would suggest to remove t4 tokens from RF but in that case no1 will go there more than once/week so not everyone will do quest,but putting AS in HMs is great idea

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Reviving 6-Man’s should be high on the priority list once the new Saga Server is up and rolling.

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Make k6 godslayer boxes drop 2-3 atlantean shards, but only for members. The game will light up with activity and funcom will get more money from subs.


Thats a good idea , like more than my own :slight_smile:

Id rather like to have Rare Tokens in RF and T4 Tokens in T4 :wink:

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By Set… Set eat you!

Why make an issue with (Raid Finder) worst by allowing such?

Devalue (Raid Finder) by removing tier-relics and tier-armor/weapons and replace with Mark of Esteem, Esteem Tokens, Simple Trophies, trade tradeskill/ profession recipes, reagents, and 9-gold completion rewards and people will be back to Khitai-dungeon, godslayer mode groups!