Auto repair station counter offline raiding

Ideal is simple you have crafting station that you store mats. When building receive damage it repair it self.

This would force players that would take minutes into hours to raid and make hours into days.

Say crafting station can only hold 3 slots. That 1000 for each mat to repair t3. Which means reinforcement brick takes most so total repair 66 times. Offline raid would mean u have to damage single layer wall 6.7 million

Now doing purge would turn bench off so u can raid someone doing purge.

Now trebs do 500 damage a single player can operate 2 trebs easy between reloads.

That means single player can’t raid because it take 9 hours of none stop firing.

Now you make where cost 200% or even higher


So I am a solo player in pvp, I cannot endure an attack, so I stay logged out in pvp hours, or log out from the first bomb and leave the system to defend my base :thinking:.
How this would help pvp again?
The problem with the offline raiding is the abuse of the system from some players. I do agree that some people cannot be every single day logged in in pvp hours. So either they give the right to players to use the dynamic building system for a couple days every week, either the players go an play in private servers that suits their playstyle and program. I believe the second option sounds more profitable, so if I was the company, I would choose the second option. At least as a player I did choose the second option.
Another mechanism that should exist however is to punish the clans that raid only unprotected bases, for a 2 week ban for starters, this is a lame behavior that should be eliminated.
For me, farming unprotected bases or decayed bases is low, really low. Sorry

Ok this would make pvp into campaign war which if look how long to make a base it should take awhile to brake it down.

This system would make raiding more effort then how simple.

Dynamic raiding system was bad ideal they realized it so it will never be activated. Thats why they made server where pve-c you can fight players but keep your building in tacked.

So to answer ur question it prolong fight it gives u some insurance that no one just walk in easily and take ur stuff. They have to really take effort in to get in.

You can build a base that really needs effort to go in, start building.

It would all depend on the rate of repair. To me anyway. There would have to be limits for balance.

I agree it should be balanced and this question should be answered how long should it take crack base.

Everyone argues offline raid needs to be fixed. Then how many hours in 5 hour day window should take ?

I would like see base take couple days to take down.

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I don’t think a headquarters base (tier larger, tier 3 medium) should be able to be fully raided (cleared) in one raid session by 10 players. Tier 3 especially should be difficult to crack and currently aren’t even close.

Presently it feels as if they have ramped the damage for sieging in this game to one hour equal to one whole day of damage of any real stone structure (Tier 3 mainly). So fulll raid time officials five hours equals five days worth of damage to a stucture even though this is not equal to the time to craft a base built for defense.

I agree plus u wouldn’t need to hit same spot

T3 should take awhile crack.

10 man clan can operate 20 siege weapons. Now I didn’t test long time but I think last time check 500 damage.

So they can do 10000 damage in every 5 seconds

That would take 33 minutes but that every clan member firing two trebs none stop which most likely won’t happen since that’s not counting resources 13500 boulders costing I believe 150 stone that’s 1.9 million stone.

Now if clan is that eager to get in your place but mining 1.9 million stone it’s going take some time.

If they go with bombs 839 bombs and u can place multiple bombs and spread around so they can still due full damage.

Now produceing 839 bombs is only is only 839 demon blood, 4195 brimstone 20500 Crystal and 41950 steel fire.

800+ bombs to just enter? Um, missing something unless you are figuring in chests and vaults.

I was still assuming repair rate at 100% where it holds 3 stacks mats 1000 so it repair rate 6.7 million damage. Take 800 bombs at 8000 damage.

Oh, but it wouldn’t be very realistic to assume that repairs would be instant. That is why I suggested before to make the HP higher on the defensive structures and/or the damage lower on some of the siege weapons.

I think realistically and for balanced that some form of auto repair which make even offline attack effort.

Right now with building 10 walls thick with no doors with 10 anti climb you can’t stop it.

Now repair won’t have make massive walls you can design and have better chance defend it. It take them time brake it down.

Don’t get me wrong I love the idea I just would worry about how they would balance it is all.

There’s already an offline protection feature. Turn it on if you’re a server admin, or tell your server admin to turn it on. Or if on official, wait for it to fully finish its QA to be turned on.

You will have a fix with the already added feature even on official long before they could implement the suggested feature.

What if you could put a Carpenter Thrall in this bench and that thrall had to go to each damaged piece to repair it? Higher tier thralls could move faster, and repair faster or maybe even use less materials to repair.

What if you have more than one repair bench? What if I have 4 repair benches set up around my base? Does that make breaching my walls and gates virtually impossible?

I like the idea. Offline raiding is the worst.

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It’s a cool idea but given the trouble thralls already have with pathing I’m sure you’d run the risk that your repair thrall would spend hours bumping against a door frame of getting stuck on rug.


So true. It would be nice to have good thrall AI, but I can understand the challenge. Especially with some of the base designs on PvP servers that I’ve seen.

Maybe the thrall wouldn’t have to physically go to each piece, but instead lowers the time it takes to repair a piece and the materials needed for the repair.

I definitely think there should be a repair time for each piece instead of it being instant. The enemy should have a chance to break down a gate before it can be repaired if they have enough firepower and coordination and that would still take them longer than it currently does.

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Good idea, the bench and thrall on it could be a proximty requirement.

So if an area of the base is being damaged in the range of the damage control area of the bench that has the correct thrall on it then the damage will be repaired (rate still being determined by balaning ?), but if outside that area you would need to have mulitple benches and maybe thralls to cover your whole base or just position them in key areas prone to attack?

Again, I like this idea as it adds more strategy than merely how has more people and firepower and allows for home court advantage to a point.

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I see it as part of the balance needed for defenders and attackers. Right now defenders don’t have a “bomb” equivalent in their builidng or repairing kit. The repair bench is a step in the right direction.

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I think Funcom should do this. It would be another thing started but not finished for a few years, but hey anything to get our hopes up right?