Automatic destruction of buildings when players are not online for a long time

I don’t know if anyone knows any settings in this section. I just want the houses and slaves of players who are not online for more than 3 days to be automatically deleted from the server. I hope it will be useful to many people.

I want the house and slave to be lost If not online for more than 3 days. Do I have to close the building decay off?


Is this the correct setting?

Thank you for helping so much. I love you.

Just as a point of experience, Kze, we struggled with the same thing. Since our server (PvE, dedicated, not rented) is open and mod-free, we have a lot of folks who ‘pass-by’, some of whom stay to enjoy it. Free weekends are flooded and those who do not buy the game, leave quite a bit of ‘trash’ when they go.

After considerable thought, we turned off building decay and set the follower limit to 14 days. There is a note on the login page that requires players to erect a dated sign (2 weeks) in front of their ‘stuff’.

While a lot just ignore it, the ones we want to keep do just that, erect the sign and keep it current; not hard to do. Since they want a ‘clean’ playspace, when they run across an abandoned campfire/bedroll or a sign (or no sign) with a stale date, they report it on our discord as such:
TeleportPlayer 165922.734375 134983.640625 -20032.726563 no sign, Foobar, K6

It gives me a quick target for demolition. The name and a map grid are recognizable and fair warning that their stuff will poof within the week, since that’s the timeframe, but it’s the max and not the min. It could be a day and if a spawnblock, an hour.

While it takes me a couple of hours to clear the list each week, it’s sort of fun. I’ve also learned the value of the console commands buildingidentify and buildingdestroy.

We have a bunch of happy people who enjoy the server and that’s the goal, so this works for us. While it may not work for you, some variation will.
Best of luck with your server !




The standard decay time is 7-days, so a building decay multiplier of 1.0 is also 7-days. If you wanted it to be longer you would increase the multiplier (e.g. 2.0 = 14 days), and if you wanted it to be shorter, you’d set a lower value (e.g. 0.5 = 3.5 days).

A decay multiplier of 0.4 is probably the closest you’ll be able to get to what you want.


Wow !! Thank you very much for this answer. It was very helpful to me.

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Is this the right thing? If I want my house and player slaves that are not online for more than 3 days to disappear from my server


Yes, that looks correct to me.


Is this working?
Because I wonder why thralls and pets on official servers do not decay but buildings do.
Thralls keep running around and kill stuff if not stuck in the air. ^^

On “Official” servers the decay multiplier is set to 1 and the thrall/pet decay is set to 15. This means that an unattended building will decay in a maximum of 168 hours (7 days) whilst the thralls and pets will persist for a further 8 days. If the owner or a clan mate of the owner logs in during this period the pets/thrall timer will reset regardless of whether the player actually visits them or not. The building decay timer only resets if the building in question is physically visited by the player or one of their clan mates.


Thank you.
That explains why thralls, pets and horses remain for weeks. ^^

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I like it when you leave decay on so i come across a treasure trove of loot!

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