Ban/Suspension shouldnt be as easy

when this issue hits streamers (which will do with 3.0 launch), funcom will feel the pain.
We as common people, common costumer, we don’t have much voice.

I talked to some medium-big streamers or to people related to them, and i was told that some of them are thinking of playing the game on 3.0 release on pvp servers.

Are there any streamers who have not commented on the fact that the system of reports is simply used as another weapon? And cheaters remain, and feel even better, because now they can report buildings, and they do not even need to raid.

They certainly could if they wanted to. Would you like to explain why they would want to?

EDIT: Since I’m not sure my question will get my point across, I’ll be blunt. If you think any Funcom admin will ban you for nothing more than putting a block or a bench on the ground, then you’re assuming malice. Not incompetence, but malice.

Let’s face it: that’s utterly ridiculous. There is absolutely no motivation for a Funcom admin to be malicious towards players.

And before some connoisseur of tinfoil headgear chimes in, no, they don’t need to do any of this idiotic conspiracy-theory shіt people spout here in order to shut down the official servers, because they can just shut them down. In fact, they can decide to pull the plug on the whole freaking game tomorrow and there’s nothing anyone here could do to them. Get it through your thick skulls, Funcom owns this game and they don’t need to tiptoe around your feelings if they want to pull the plug on the servers.

So exactly why would you think they’ll ever block anyone for putting down a block or a bench?


For the same reason they will ban you if you have 8 foundations with torches on them lighting a way along a path, as we seen in Funcoms explanation by Umborls.

Its land claim.



Shutting down servers and treating customers badly are two very different things.
You have to be pretty mean to think the two are the same thing.

And yes, they can ban you and might ban you for blocking a branch if someone report it.

As they banned a whole clan for hacking without actually nobody hacking (it HAPPENED, it’s a fact.)
I know they didn’t lift their ban because one of our enemy turned into a friend. and besides this, the community is small.

So answering your question, maybe it’s malice, maybe it’s fun for them, maybe they are trying to stealthly shutdown official servers by making people stoping play on them or whatever.
i’m not an admin, i’m not a funcom employee, so i will never have this answer as well as i will never know what is trully against the rules and what is not.

Where did I imply they were the same thing? The reason why I mentioned shutting down servers is because of people like you and @Nemisis who keep pushing the conspiracy theory that Funcom is doing all this on purpose to shut down official servers:

That’s what I was talking about in that paragraph. But apparently it didn’t sink in: they don’t need to shut down the servers “stealthily”. They don’t need to do anything sneaky or roundabout if they want to shut down the servers, they just need to pull the plug.

Of course it is. :roll_eyes:

In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re after you, specifically. They’re out to get you.

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I agree with this. Not only were all of our buildings, bedrolls etc totally wiped, but we were banned as well after a clan could not blow into the base we had built (we were inside repairing the entire time). Then while I was banned, members from the new clan had buildings wiped again and I found myself perma-banned because I was still “in clan” even though I obviously could not participate.

Starting from scratch (obvs not entirely in the stone age because people still keep feats) is plenty irritating, especially if you have a lot of production or stored items not in a vault.

Alts are easy and cheap enough to come by as others have mentioned. I haven’t done it because I couldn’t be bothered to level up again (have a couple of Siptah toons).

The thing that has irritated me the most is that the perma-ban came about whilst banned for my first ever offence, and somehow they have construed that as three times. Other clan members were not perma-banned, only myself and my partner - presumably because we play from the same location and that makes us bad people, to play games together. It’s like they ban a whole clan because they have no way of knowing which player does what on a server, which is pretty poor documentation and management!


when i told on my topic that i know around 800 banned accounts, it wasn’t a lie.
I can gather as much evidence as you want ^^
I can’t promise about my enemies bans, but maybe even with them i can get some.
PM-me or give me another form to communicate.

obs: not all these bans were unfair, obviously.
But the worst of them were the hackers who didn’t hack and got permabanned. (i have evidences of this too)

I know right? How can a clan leader not document and manage their clan?

I would love to see this evidence that proves they didnt hack. Seriously, i would love to see it.

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Is it the whole conversation or as much as one can? Cant be both. Because as much as one can is a grey area, and we need black and white.

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if you go to sleep and a member of your clan builds something blocking some spawn and then someone report it, you will get banned without even knowing what happened.
nobody can watch a person 24/7. you can’t do it with your wife/espouse, you can’t do it with your children.
how are you supose to do in a game?

i’m not a man of lies.

I already asked my friend to send the video to YT. Probably you don’t even play this game.
I liked Palm’s idea.

When they release the material, probably you are going to be against, will gonna tell that it was manipulated or whatever…
i can bet money on it ^^

It is definitely fun and rewarding in variously unhealthy ways to destroy other people’s bases. Being bad feels pretty good which I’m certain we are all familiar with. How much of the demolitions are that? I would say 100% but they are also almost all within the guidelines and whatever policy sheets have been created.

The problem I see is that the “policy sheets” aren’t published and what has been published is just about wholly inadequate - for reasons I’ve retold far too many times. That and a huge massive and mountainous amount of unfairness and inconsistency from build to build. And to bring it back to the title of this thread it’s far too easy to put a specific rule-breaker on their radar at the very same time you and many other rule breakers go unnoticed and unaddressed.

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Kinda like he’s seeing the spirit of the rules, instead of spreading conspiracy theories about how Funcom is being intentionally malicious towards players in order to force them to leave official servers so they can shut them down? Like that?

See, this is exactly the problem. The vast majority of you here have less credibility than Daily Mail, because you are never willing to shoulder any responsibility at all, never willing to even entertain the possibility that you might be wrong about anything you said. You would rather resort to the most astonishingly absurd mental gymnastics – e.g. “NPC camps are no different from rocks” or “Funcom is trying to shut down servers by banning people” – than take one single step away from your grudges.

Yeah, we’ve all been hearing that for months. Any day now.


I know you aren’t, cause you got the ban hammer. :wink:

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So, like banning players because they block one thrall spawn, or they have an extra wheel base, or a wall for cosmetic/defense, while actual cheaters/hackers remain unbanned…

Yeah, thats how “conspiracy theories” start. Heck look at the world in the last two years lol.

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Funcom is focusing on the wrong thing. Banning players for so much insignificant, illogical things, while true undermeshers, hackers, exploiters run around scot free.


Greetings Everyone,

As mentioned many times before, all player reports are first investigated and if the team finds any evidence of rules being broken, a suspension or a ban (depending on the gravity of the offence) will be given to the offending clan/player.

The team is not just giving suspensions or bans without investigating and verifying the validity of the report.

If you have any additional question regarding the status of your own account, please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to provide you with the inforamtion.

As for the official servers rules, you can check them our here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
Also feel free to check out this post on abusive land claim: Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers

We are always working on improving and adding even more clarity to the rules so please keep an eye out for that.