Bark and heavy armor changes rock! Thx Funcom :)

Bark is now a primary resource from those white bleached desert trees (when using pick), and dried wood is a secondary resource.

The changes to insulated wood make sense now, while making steelfire production more enjoyable.

Silent legion armor may have been nerfed, but the other heavy armors have been made a joy to use!
I especially love what they did to the Khitai stuff, especially the Khitan heavy armor. It’s now my favorite suit. I feel like the money I paid for the DLC has been redeemed without being P2W. Good job :smiley:

You guys really do listen to the community!

I must say that when Funcom nerfs things, they compensate for it in very profound ways, unlike Wildcard.

For every good change Wildcard (ARK) adds, they nerf 10 things.


Out of general wondering, what happened with the heavy armors? :open_mouth: just in case you’d elaborate, since I’ve personally gone away from them and, as of right now, i havent even upgraded from fibre clothes

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I don’t wanna go into too much detail as i’m afraid the fun-spoilers will call for a nerf again… but epic heavy armor is cheap to repair, compared to the other armors. This makes them quite popular.

Oh right, fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: understandable reason not to elaborate…
You just got me incredibly curious :smiley:

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