Base Blocking PVE-C Official 8020

PS4 On-line PVE-C Official 8020
Agressor: Chaos (Clan)
Defender: TugaFamily7z (Clan)

Hello @Community we are currently being House blocked, they are placing spikes and foundations arround our base and trying to block our way out.

This guys are being very toxic even when i told them i would report them for doing it they ddt care and sayd they are gona keep expanding the block arround our house.

What should i do? Can you guys fix this?
Ban hammer? Should i contact someone else? Gportal, Zendesk?

I can provide conversation screenshots and ingame screenshots of the house blocking.

All this because they sent a thrall insside my house and i killed him and took the armor lol


For issues such as this, please submit a request through our Zendesk page.

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Thank you @AndyB.

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Sure thing. It’s also worth noting that decay timers on PlayStation PvE-C servers are currently intentionally disabled due to an ongoing issue preventing some players from being able to regularly access the servers.


Just be patient, this might take a couple weeks. We had an idiot do this to this to obelisks and some bases. It was pretty blatant and even then it took several reports to get an admin to check it out.

If the decay timers are on hold, that might take even longer. The admin just did a ban and let his mess decay. I doubt they will manually clear your guy’s garbage.

The bans for this also don’t appear to be permanent. So they might do it again.

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