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I logged onto Official server 3731 yesterday to find out that my base had lost stability…I know there is a decay timer, but I know I logged on before the decay timer expired. I now lost everything I had been working on since the beginning of August 2019. Is there any way to get my base and all the things i lost back? My account is Corvette_92_350 and the clan was Madwillowvalley. I don’t know why my base despawned but now i have nothing… All of the loot and thralls.
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I’ll have to look into it and take pics. That sucks :frowning:

Hello @Corvette_92_350, welcome to the forums and apologies for the frustrating situation you’ve faced. Unfortuately, we’re unable to provide any assistance with recovering items or resources.

We’d really appreciate it if you could share more information about the location and size/scope of the base (building pieces, decoration, thralls, lightsources), as well as how long you were offline.

Screenshots of the Event Log would also be extremely helpful.

I’ll try to get screenshots of the log but I don’t remember exactly how big the base dimensions were. It’s upsetting to know all my hard work is gone. I lost a lot of trophy heads. Red dragon, panther, all of them. I lost zavek, berri, arvad of akbitan, master tamer(manos the handful) and chieftain rada (named taskmaster), Gilum AsurasChosen, named cook (Vatessa the potent), named tanner (Fakad Hide-Stretcher), Oskar thunderhead, named carpenter x2(Rayne rosewood), named smelter(fingall firefender) I was probably only offline for about 4 days or so and that’s it. We had torches to light up the place. And I was located in the north near THE POCKET

Ive also experienced mass base despawns regularly in single player, no event log submissions, no decay timer, just one day my base is there, and the next it’s not.

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