Battering Ram for a small to large scale raid

I was shocked to see that you guys added a trebuchet even before adding a battering ram into the game, since the first one takes a lot more work, I believe the idea was to avoid some early raiding, what I don’t personally think it’s bad. But anyway, that’s a subject for another topic.

Here, I would like to suggest 3 types of battering ram that could be implemented based on the game design of choice.

1 - Portable, individual: This one is like any other weapon that you can equip in this game, crafted at the blacksmith table, should require wood and iron reinforcement. Can deal a great amount of damage, but should not be viable in combat ( obviously ) because of it’s super slow attack speed and lack of combos. The goal of the weapon is to tear down weak doors, making it the most cost/time effective method for that task.

2 - “Placeable”, collective: This is one is similar to the previous one but required 2-4 people to use, packing a bigger punch,. But instead of a weapon that you can equip, it would behave as a furniture, needing you to place it in place ( in front of the object you want to destroy ), and then be manned, should be able to return to the inventory as any similar object.

3 - “Buildable”, collective. This one should be built similar to how the Trebuchet is, requiring you to build the core piece that you upgrade until you get the wheeled, bigger, and meaner Ram. That could even use the promised feature of the siege towers, as any other building, can’t return to inventory, only dismantled.

My suggestion?

Tier 1 - hand battering ram, carried by player, useful on doors, 50 ish damage per hit.

Tier 2 - group battering ram, operated by one player, requires 4 thralls or players to function, useful on doors and some gates, 250 ish damage per hit

Tier 3 - wheeled and roofed battering ram, operated by one player, requires 8 thralls or players to function, useful on anything, 1000 ish damage per hit.

Tier 4 - mounted battering ram, operated by one player, requires a tamed elephant or rhino to operate, 5000 ish damage per hit.