Battle pass feedback

Do you like statues made in your honor and for cult like worship to be made in bronze, silver, or gold? Asking for a friend.

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This is somewhat true, but those players add up to the player base (since they will be playing more often) making Conan Exiles a more popular game that might attract more players, this will still be a win on both sides since more players will mean more sales :slight_smile:

Same, I would have immediately turned my back on Conan Exiles too…

First i thought this is kinda a sarcastic post and i was really sad ngl because writing that essay without personal opinions and emotions was a lot of work but after tagging me in the other thread now i understood you’re actually serious haha thanks for honoring my work <3


Ya sorry, I was just being silly. Your post was brilliantly well thought out.


How about Microsoft? You think they made any money? You know the company that puts items in the battle pass into the cash shop in Sea of Thieves and makes battle passes replayable in Halo?

I just hope and pray you don’t listen to the loud minority of players that are whining about the Battle Pass. Clearly they don’t play anything else as Conan was literally the only game I play that DIDN’T have a battle pass. It’s a great way to support your game development and continue to update the game. I mean people must not realize that this will give us updated items every 90 days and even more in between. It will create the revenue stream needed to add more maps and more content to the game as well as bug fixes like the “must be placed on walkable floor.” Or improve chest, altar, and Wheel of pain placements. Hit box improvement will also be pretty awesome.


I disagree only to the point “don’t listen to the minority”.
Well what makes the rest plurality :man_shrugging:?
We have no numbers to prove anything on this part and even if we had, why the minority not to be listened?
I will stay on an opinion I listened long ago on one of @Wak4863 videos that sayed. “Funcom listen the community a lot. It’s time to stop listen and act as they think it’s best, follow their own vision”. It’s time and I agree.
Other than that is their head on the “guillotine” not ours. What we can and must is to support them. All these years they give us joy, fun, so it’s time for us to say thank you with deeds not just words. I support every decision they make 100% but I don’t go against the opposite voices of my fellow exiles. They surely see something I can’t or don’t wanna see, so I thank them for this.
Only this my fellow exile @dniezby, to all the rest I agree 100%.


I say this to the fact that I ONLY hear complaints about these updates on the forums. In game, all of the players I speak with on 4 different servers are extremely excited about the approaching updates.

Agreed. I’m ready to preorder as soon as possible.

The reason they don’t see it is because they’re wearing blinders. They’re completely blinded by, “oh they’re just doing it for a money grab.” Read the complaints about the battle pass. They’re just silly to someone like me who is VERY familiar with what they are and how they work. Which is why I’m so excited about it. I’ve seen some try to explain it to others and 9 out of 10 times…they’re completely wrong.

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I saw it differently here in the forum.
Most were rather happy that such a change came into force.
Because now players with a small budget have the opportunity to earn many things because they play every day.

What threads have you seen where the majority are complaining?

I personally suggest reading more of Multigun’s threads as that is where the majority of players are chatting than most other threads.

And I’m also aware that there are some who have concerns because they don’t deal with the topic 100%.

There is only one point where I still take the same position as I have for years, no wipes, I think that would really make a lot of people angry.
Including myself.
Because I’ve been playing since day one.

As far as I’m concerned, PvP players can see this as great, because it would eliminate body vaults or take away the monopoly from “evil alpha clans”.

For PvE players it would be an absolute punishment.
Because it would completely destroy years of work to create something wonderful.

But apart from that, I like to adapt to every innovation of the system.
After all it’s Funcom’s game and not mine, I’m just a little light enjoying a game.



Thank you for opening this thread. I’m delighted about what they’re considering (including our feedback), the sustained promise of support for Conan, and for all the excitement such developments bring to the game.


All I try to say to @dniezby is that throwing stones to each other will bring no good. I cannot expect from someone to respect me if I am not respectful to him, simple as that :man_shrugging:. Fights rarely bring solutions, conversations mostly do. That is all, I am out :+1:t6:.


Or, you know, we’ve seen other companies go down this road and grow increasingly greedy and/or predatory with their offered transactions and would prefer CE not ending up that way.

But sure, go ahead and call the critics blind.

…really not something worth bragging about.


You could have expressed your opinion, and your support to Funcom, without being dismissive towards people who don’t agree with you. Resorting to ad hominems in your opening post is going to set a tone to this thread that is unlikely to turn into a constructive discussion.


There is already a Battle Pass feedback thread.
Why is this necessary?


As the title says, if you put in an in game store and drop the current way you sell Conan DLC, you are going to get a lot of bad reviews on Steam. People are going to warn new customers away from Conan Exiles, rightfully pointing out the immense amount of DLC already out there, plus the two additional forms of having to pay for content which will now be in the core game. PLUS the base game.

First off, the in game store.

I am not okay with buying an item at a time at a cost of maybe $3 per item due to the nature of having to buy store currency in what is commonly, $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $29.99, increments. With the most expensive bundles giving you the best value.

$40 will buy you a decent chunk of the DLC on Steam, especially when it goes on sale.

In comparison, the same price in an in-game store will buy you maybe a dozen items. Already, the price of cosmetics has sky rocketed!

Unfortunately, since there is no F2P MMO economy, you are not going to be able to acquire store cosmetics like in Lost Ark, for example, which has a gold to store currency exchange, because Conan Exiles is not built around an MMO model.

If you are playing on singleplayer, you are going to have to buy everything at a premium. Gone will be the days when for $9.99, you could acquire a DLC that has a full set of cosmetic building pieces, placeables and armor and/or pet skins.

Next, on top of this, you have the battle pass, which is equivalent to a subscription model on top of the penny pinching ways of an in-game store. I consider this a lesser evil because you can earn your way through the battle pass just by playing. I don’t mind the option to use real world money to buy the entire pass. It’s like the current model for DLC but in a way that you can earn in game or pay for with real money.

The battle pass is actually not a departure from the way Conan Exiles is offering DLC, but in a less punishing way due to being able to acquire your way through the season’s set by just playing the game. The in-game store is the real evil. This is a small server/singleplayer survival game, so having an in-game store is just asking for bad reviews on Steam, which will turn off a lot of new customers from even trying the game.

The cost to acquire a new user is steep. You don’t start at $0 as most F2P games start you off at. You are looking at a hefty $75 price tag for the base game plus ammenities.

I have always supported CE by buying DLC, but this business model will turn me off I’m afraid. It’s waaaay too much. You gotta lose one or the other, either the in-game store OR the battle pass. My vote is to nix the in-game store. I think the battle pass is actually a good idea, but both together is as predatory as it gets.

I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’re going to kill the game with this kind of thing. At least drop the store. There is no greater evil in F2P games than the in-game store. I like the battle pass. As long as you also offer it on Steam, there shouldn’t be a problem for late buyers that weren’t able to acquire said items by playing.

Nobody will pay for a game that isn’t an MMO that has an in-game store. Good luck finding this new customer base. It’s not out there currently and it has never been out there. CE will not create it out of thin air.

The closest I can think of is Black Desert and you know what, the client is really cheap - around $10. Please rethink your approach on this. This planned monetization model is a train wreck waiting to happen.


Well…actually, no, it could get worse. A lot worse. (Diablo Immoral…I mean…Immortal ring any bells?) Even with the in game store (likely not so)micro transactions and battle pass, we still haven’t even entered EA territory yet.

That sounds kind of depressing, actually. I remember the original shitstorm that surrounded $2.50 Oblivion Horse Armor. These days that’s a great bargain. :face_exhaling:

Anyway, not saying I agree or disagree. Just offering some perspective.


My issue is if they really needed funding there would be a dedicated Conan Exiles only dev team. This is where Conan Unchained failed. They start a new game and the rest fall to the side of the road. Now ask when we will get new maps/lands and you will see the bulk of the money will go to the Chinese masters not game development or we would get a land expansion with 3.0 as well as an explanation of how future expansions would occur.



And once again you see someone who wasn’t paying attention at all.

Nobody is forcing you to buy the Battlepass, nobody is forcing you to use the shop!

The Battlepass as well as the shop do not give any advantages.

(“Next time, put your anger in your pocket and really listen.”)

You can also play the game like before but without the stuff from the Battlepass and without the shop.

Funcom doesn’t have to give everything away either, after all employees have to be paid and development costs have to be covered.

(“So please don’t act like a little kid and don’t insisting on your own will!”)

I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I’m really tired of reading posts here again and again from people with little knowledge.



good thing f2p mmos aren’t the ones who started the battle pass system.

with a battle pass and in game shop i’d suggest making the game f2p but that would cause more problems than it solves :joy:

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I’m trying to figure out the thought process that comes up with the idea that buying DLC-like items in game is somehow different than purchasing them on steam.

I’ve seen many different ways of handling microtransactions. I’ve seen games that are F2P and have shops in game. I’ve seen F2P games with shops outside of game. I’ve seen P2P games with shops in game, and those outside. I’ve even seen B2P games with these items for sale both in and out of game as well. In all six cases, I’ve personally not seen a difference.

If I click a steam store page to buy something like the Aquilonia DLC. And then use crom coin to purchase one based on say… for example Kushite bundle or somesuch (if they offer it). One is using a HTML format, another is using maybe… XML or in the case of Conan Exiles a UE Blueprint setup. Is that minute difference really a deal breaker for some?

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