Bear Shaman set, and quality of life

Originally bought the DLC for the bear shaman set, also like having “cosmetics” in the game, since most things dont rly change that much. This set used to be Fire resistant now its Cold.
Noticed one more thread which is over a week ago, I believe someone posted its gonna be fixed in the next hotfix patch. This needs to happen sooner rather then later. Conan’s biggest issue it gets a ton of new content without the old bugs getting fixed. I am really disappointed that the game has so little diversity when it comes to cold/heat sets in terms of stats. The ONLY set ( with heat res )that is Medium and has +str of any kind WAS the bear shaman set. Now I am forced to go with the Heavy ( which I hate because no roll ) or Light which does not provide enough protection. Simply make the same set being cold or heat resistant ( possibly change the appearance of the set a little so it looks to be providing the heat or cold res. ). Please for the love of god stop adding new stuff without fixing the old ones. The hatch door is RIDDICILOUS. Gets bugged in all sorts of manner. It gets closed shows as opened, it openes shows at closed. Stuck without being able to open it. Wont close by itself even if the autoclose is on. Would also like to mention NPC’s moving like crazy. Some dungeons not opening doors correctly. Multiple issues all around. Funcom I love the game. Its a great game. BUT FIX IT

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Hey there,

We fixed the armor issues in our Testlive patch, soon to come to the live versions of the game:

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Thank you for the reply, hopefully this patch hits soon :slight_smile:


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