Been playing the release version for a bit and

So yeah been playing the release version a bit now, and have noticed some things I think need addressing (don’t get me wrong overall great job guys but still). I am just going to do a bullet point laundry list for them, some are just bugs that never got fixed from EA, some are design decisions I wish were done differently. So here we go…

  • The pre order Atlantean sword and Conan royal armor needs to be moved to there respective benches. They take up to much room in the over crowded hand crafted item roster.

  • Conan Royal armor should require Silver bars for regular and Gold bars for the epic armor in addition to there current cost.

  • Sand storm mask 30 steel I think is a bit steep, here is a nice alternative 15 silk and 5 steel, Repairs are done in silk and one steel bar.

  • Sand Storm Mask should be a recipe you could say find or buy out in the game world.

  • !!<< BUG >>!! Insulated wooden fence foundation still shows up as stone brick fence foundation.

  • Benches with thralls on them should “lock” until they lost 2/3 of the benches HP. This is especially important for the wheels of Pain since they often have to be left outside and difficult to enclose properly.

  • We need an architects bench, its great that you are adding new building pieces but they are crowding the hand crafted roster and NEED there own bench with everything but sand stone moved to this bench.

  • Abyssal fangs and Meat should drop from imps (rare) and Komodo dragons. Right now just having to farm the dreggs for this rare material is a pain in the A$$.

  • The Gasseous and oil orbs should be seperate learnable recipes in the features list for the alchemy station, each there own 4 point purchase at say 25 and thirty.

  • Demon fire orb should be a recipe that you need to find in a dungeon.

  • Dreggs dungeon needs to be redone, currently it is a pre climbing dungeon, and needs to be made into a post climbing dungeon.

  • Dkerto needs better transmutes.

  • Item modding should be re-balanced. Currently having the cost for using item mods be lose durability accross the board (exception being the durability mod) is a little ridiculous. I will do a separate posting going over an alternative later.

  • Medium Nordheimer armor makes for better Ymir priest armor then the current priest armor. Do your character right and you can look like Ymir in avatar form wearing it. Especially the head dress.

  • There isn’t any non epic Cimmerrian armor on the current list. (They might be learn able in game).

  • For that matter there isn’t any Cimmerrian light armor either.

Alright thats it for now. If you have your thoughts to add to this list by all means post them here. Its ok to comment too. Peace!

Alright adding some stuff that I should have earlier;

  • Bone arrow and bone shield both make wonderful T1 Yog items, espeacially if given there own weapon effects.

  • On the recipe roster you get for leveling up, Iron head arrows and the Hyrkanian Bow show up in to two different locations.

  • The two Hyrkanian bows have different attack powers 7 and later the level 30 an attack power of 9. Replace the 7 one with the Khitan bow at seven damage.

Done adding stuff.

New stuff to add to this list;

  • << !! BUG !! >> It rains in doors.
  • Can’t seem to use the glowing goop torch under water like you used to.
  • Witch fire Powder needs more uses.
  • There should be equipment mod that makes weapons more effective against T1 and T2 building parts and all tier level doors.

Alright done for now.