Been to every location point of interest but journey step wont complete

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Ive been to every location on the map,wven used the interactive map to check to see if all locations were marked,yet my journey step wont complete for explore the isle of siptah

Expected Behavior:

To be able to complete journey step
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For the journey step to have been completed

Steps to Reproduce:

Go to every location on the interactive map,as i have even used the teleport in the admin to go to them and see if the journey step completes for you or not
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In Southwest of Map (past Dregs beyond Ghost wall, (you’ll need godmode and Ghost) You can fly out there and find the spot form start of game, (Spot you were on the Cross) It Sadly counts towards the Journey Step…

Been broken since… well release pretty much. (itlest on Consoles)

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Hi there @TheGrimnorthener, nice to meet you! Perhaps I, as someone who has completed this Journey Step can offer a spot of help! First of all I would not worry about trying to get ‘Nom’, the location which Sera spoke of to work. I spent an absolute age trying to do so in the past myself, with the benefit of Admin access, and it never did. Moreover, in the end it was not even need to complete the Step. Now just to check, were you using this source, the Snowhawk Clan Map:

The reason I ask is because the map is accurate with but one known exception. And I myself utilised it back when the step was bugged for me. You see this issue was reported previously and on numerous occasions. So as part of the fix, Funcom created a new map location at a latter date in the Jungle biome at coordinates L,6 called ‘Slithering Beach’. Now when I discovered this newly added location, with all prior ones already discovered, the Journey Step immediately logged as completed. Give it a try, and let us know if it does the trick! The location is shown below.


The op is asking about Isle of Siptah, we have one member that completed it.


Ah! so that’s where it came from. I discovered it recently and was wondering how I’d never seen it before.

I’m not sure exactly where things stand right now with the Console patches for Siptah - it’s possible there may still be a couple of location markers unavailable, depending on exactly which patch you’ve got. If the Watchtower just to the southeast (below right) of the main tower is marked, then you have received the patch that fixed this issue - theoretically, you should then be able to complete the step (if you can find everything - I still can’t complete it on PC, I’m clearly missing something, but darned if I know where, lol).


I completed the Gem in the Tower as well. There is a camp not listed on the interactive map. It is located on the volcano island in the south, inland on the western side. You will have to fight your way through some sand beasts and First Men, but it’s there.

Also, the watchtower that is southeast of the center tower is not actually a location.

Edit - The red circle didn’t show up very well.


@speedice Thank you! That was exactly the marker I was still missing. Nice to finally complete that last Siptah journey step :slight_smile:


There are 3 more places than you can find on the internet map to get the trophy.

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