Best Armor Combos?

Hello Exiles.

So I used to wear vermin hide Armor to get some bonus attribute points. But that’s all gone by the wayside now.

So has anyone gone through the Armor combos and found some worthwhile values?


Now that armors grant stats bonus, focus on those with higher values is all.
Pretty sure the high-end armors such as silent legion, dragonbone, warmaker have better values. Plus, the new Skelo Cultist armor (worn by sorcerer enemies) gives very high agility damage + follower damage, great for playing a supportive role behind your war party.
Don’t get fooled though - it requires a perfected light padding but is actually a medium armor (kind of a bug)…

Thanks! What is your opinion on legendary Armor now with the changes? Any thoughts there? Have you discovered anything of note?

I haven’t yet acquired many legendary Armor since my new game. The few that I have look quite underwelming. Like, a Hyporian slaver Heavy Helmet gives you +4.5% str damage, while Brute Legendary Helmet gives you +6%… hardly any advantage.

Good observation. I’m hoping someone does the data research on these items.

Hint hint Firespark81 (lol)


For the best stats and weight/defense ratio, the summoned abyssal armour reigns supreme.
It comes with two, possibly three significant drawbacks.

What are you looking for?
Is the armour for the self or the thrall?
Do you use a strength or agility weapon?
Will you have a thrall with you?

The trade off between your own damage and follower damage is usually unfavorable, unless you have authority maxed or are running a zombie swarm necromancer build.

Also, what environment are you looking at?
With the loss of survival, it is only food and gear to protect from heat and cold.

General builds are far less useful now, most kits must be custom built.

If thrall hunting, there are sets that add to concussive damage, for example.

Armor is for me, I will be using strength weapons, and will have a follower.

What is the abyssal Armor?

What do you use? What are your preferred stats? Can I learn from what you are currently running?

The set this one runs right now is extremely defensive because this one’s platform is still buggy

There are two sets that are in experiment phase.
One for agility based melee combat
The other for acquiring new employees

Neither are in their finished state.
Finding the right balance between Agi Weapon Damage and Stamina is a bit of a task, and hard to fine tune give the render and performance issues at present. This one usually fights with Shortsword and Shield.
Likewise, for the job fair build, the balance of Concussion damage and HP/Stamina/Carrying Capacity is still in the works.

There are several strong (and a few meme) builds showcased on Wak and Firespark’s YouTube channels. Especially for the undead horde. Kiah gave a closer look at post 3.0 Khari armours.

This one has only barely begun checking on corruption use in play, and is extremely cautious due to aforementioned performance issues. Corrupted perks tend to make glass cannons. Glass cannons suffer far more from slow render or rubber banding.

Also, and important note, the stats on armour changed post 3.0
Just because a set gave Vigor before does not mean it gives HP now. Be certain to check one’s old builds.
For example, Poitain Heavey used to give Accuracy and this was good for archers (if archers were good) and one might expect it to give +Agi Weapon Damage now… but no, now it gives +Follower Damage, which is worthless for Followers. Good for high Authority characters.

Abyssal Armour is summoned using sorcery.
It has absurd stats across the board, is light as a feather and offers massive armour… but a one hour decay timer and sets one’s corruption to 50%. The decay timer renews a bit when one kills while wearing it.
Also, it cannot be transferred or handed off.

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These are excellent tips thank you!

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