Best Base Follower?

Hello everyone ! So I started to mess around with the follower system a few days ago and I spawned a bunch of my best buddy Spinas to level up, the thrall that I always bring with me in my journeys… However, his base stats are not to my liking and when I saw what the nordheimers and the forgotten tribe had as base stats, I knew I’d have to change Spinas cause his stats are not good enough to be my travelling buddy anymore (which is breaking my heart). So here is my little question : who do you think would be best to be my travelling buddy ? I need high VIT and high STR and from what I could see here, the best one would be a T4 fighter from the Forgotten Tribe :

So what do you think ?

I grabbed a Lian early on and he’s been with me ever since. He only has 6k health but his strength is 65 before gear. He only got +3 strength perk. I never found his health to be an issue even when it comes to the arena champ he can almost solo her with an axe and shield without my help.

Have you testing the damage at all on Spinas? I only just filled up a wheel full of T4 volcano fighters. It’s my understanding that even though they won’t get as high strength compared to a nordheimer their hidden base damage is much higher.

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Dalinsa is my favorit as non purge thrall and as purge so far ovar battelborn

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I’ve not tested him yet as I want to level other thralls to do a comparison. However I think I’ve got a pretty solid Spinas with 47 in STR and 45 in VIT. Further testing must be done but right now I’m working on setting up a private server, and it’s not the easiest thing :smile:

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