Best Days/Times for Raid Finder

I have decided to start farming the Raid Finder again and I would like to know the best days and times to join. I’ve tried to join at various times (I am in the U.S., MST) and I wait for awhile, leave the RF, and then receive a message to the effect of the “Leader” has left the raid which I assume means I am the only one in the queue.

I am trying to get the Simple Tokens II for the last four pets I don’t own from The Reliquary in Old Tarantia.

I guess 11 am cet is most crowded

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That is 3:00 AM MST. No wonder I can’t find a Raid!

The best time is Monday during EU time. Since you are US Mountain time, unless you can play during the day Monday it will be difficult to get RF pops during US times.

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If I remember correctly, RF only drops Relic III and IV but never II from T2 or I from T1. For those you still need to farm the real Raids.

I have Simple Tokens II (7 of them) from the Black Citadel raid in the Raid Finder. I still need more.

I will try to run the Raid Finder early on Monday mornings. I really just need the Simple Tokens II, so I will only run during the weeks when The Black Citadel raid is in rotation.

The few times I do RF I wait until the weekend and do it during what is normally EU times.

Really? I can’t remember ever getting a single T2 relic from any RF, not even the BRC RF, always T3 and T4 relics only.
Maybe they changed that, I haven’t played for some months now.

If you can’t go EU Monday morning, then occasionally it picks back up a bit as US day comes in (EU evenings).

Raid finder doesn’t drop simple relic II however, only III and IV.

Your best bet for farming a few T2 relics outside raids is to do a bit of onslaught. I reckon 30-60 minutes of onslaught would easily get you enough relics

I can’t do EU mornings as 6:00 a.m. MST is the early afternoon in the EU. So only EU afternoons or evenings unless I stay up very late the previous night.

I am positive I received the 7 Simple Relic II tokens I have from the Raid Finder as I have never run the regular Tier 2 raids. I even remember picking them up and checking my Tokens list during the Black Ring Citadel Raid Finder raid.

you dont get simple relics II from RF’s… only III’s & IV’s … if you want relic 1 & II’s you will need t1-2 sweeps

farm OS and convert relic I to II is a better choice

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Best day for RF is Monday, from 10:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC usualy. The other days it pops usualy from 16:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC.

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Then how did I get my 7 Simple Relic II tokens if I’ve never run the T2 raids?

What is “OS?”

Age of Conan Raids

Keep grinding wave 1-5 in new onslaught mode in raidfinder, very high chance to get relic I, then convert them into II / III


Thank you, Mr. X. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not a seer so I have no idea how you got them, but for sure Relic II don’t drop from RF. :wink:

Leaving raid finder (RF) removes solo players but some players join while in a group. Signing solo makes you the leader of a group of 1 (automated message).

Monday Reset = Best

(Click for Your Time)
Raid Finder - Start Time

4-5 hours window of opportunity … then filling raids/dungeons/os or solo