Best Medecine for Harrasment, Spammer's,Troll's

Hi, I am writing this to hopefully shed some light on Player’s harassing,spamming those only want play. 1 st of all. A lot player if they see anyone get offended quick, (They will target Player none stop). Troll’s usually Target those easily hurt. This Player that go around targeting player’s who give in to there rant’s are just Plain Troll’s & spam Lover’s. Definition of troll is Player constantly flooding chat with idiotic ranting’s that only they find funny. But now a days if player type something they don’t like they jump Conclusion they are Troll’s. Spammer’s pretty much same definition. if they target ----{ YOU }---- Hide chat for few weeks even 1-2 months. We have ton options now days. Discord,Vent,TS3 & so on. The best lesson to teach this type personality is ignore them. Words cannot Kill you Period. Don’t ever give this loser’s a chance to mess with your Game play. Is what I do. iggy them hands down makes them furious eventually move to other’s. BTW I bet anything someone here reads this they will try Flag it, say is Spam or some Idiotic rant just to try get Rise out of me. WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IMMATURE PLAYER. OoooH wait Yes we can Ignore them. Peace


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