Best Non-Legendary Strength Weapon?

Since you can no longer repair legendary weapons, I’ve started handing them off to my thralls as soon as they start to break. What is the best non-legendary strength weapon to use? I’m tired of not being able to fix my weapon ad want something that I can rely on.


Probably an eldarium weapon forged by a bladesmith.

Give a mace a try.

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1H Axe:
Exiled Lands - Ancient Lemurian Axe
Siptah - Battle Axe of the Outer Dark (Sunder) or Feroxic War-Axe (Poison)

1H Sword:
Exiled Lands - Lemurian Sword (not Ancient one, normal one, cheaper with same stats!)
Siptah - Sword of the Outer Dark (Sunder)
Slight subpar version on both maps - Acheronian Longsword

1H Mace:
Exiled Lands - Reinforced Stool (recipe is rare on Siptah in Vaults, but it’s the best one)
Siptah - Basically Any Delved Epic Mace, Forlorn and Voidforge as well.

2H Axe:
Exiled Lands - Star Metal Great Axe (which is pretty bad)
Siptah - Bite (Acidic)

2H Mace:
Exiled Lands - Table Leg or Dead Leg (Insulated Wood is more reliable for repairs than Severed Legs lmao) + (recipe is rare on Siptah in Vaults)
↳ IF CORRUPTED BUILD - Blackheart Hammer
Siptah - Incarmine Warhammer (Single Stack of Bleed) or Tundra in PvP (Frostbite)

2H Spear:
Exiled Lands - Lemurian Pike (not Ancient one, normal one, cheaper with same stats) or Gravedigger (repaired with Star Metal, but if you find Golems in PvP you delete them with the 8x damage from star metal weapons, also you can rarely find the recipe in Siptah Vaults)
Siptah - Voidforge Pike (if you don’t need Armor Pen) otherwise Feroxic Pike or Bitter Bite (Poison)

2H Sword:
Exiled Lands - Acheronian Two-Handed Sword
↳ IF CORRUPTED BUILD - Blackheart Blade
Siptah - Acheronian Two-Handed Sword (best Armor Pen) or Great Sword of the Outer Dark (Sunder) or Feroxic Great-Sword (Poison) or Corroding Sword (Acidic)


Thanks, forgot to mention this option.
The Annoying Shard has the same stats as the Outer Dark and Feroxic Axes, so what changes is the special effect.

If you want something that will work on absolutely everything, the Gouging effect from the Annoying Shard is nice, but the damage is linear (1 per stack per second, max 20/s) unlike Bleed (which goes up to 27/s):

If you want a better DoT, but that cannot affect everything, the Poison from the Feroxic War-Axe is generally better. It deals more damage, and stacks faster. (It is Normal Poison, so max 32/s)

If you want to reduce armor (which is pretty strong), Sunder from the Battle Axe of the Outer Dark works really well.


Remove your bracelet and skin your own :man_shrugging:.


It’s about the carry weight so you can repair on the go! I should have been more specific, my bad XD

→ 0.40 Weight for a full repair.


→ 4.20 Weight for a repair.


Why you need to carry one? If you need to repair it on the way, place a bedroll remove your bracelet and Voila :man_shrugging:.
I am kidding, either way i use axe of the gate guardian and act of violence. Very good axes and really good drop rates.
Especially act of violence it’s 3 bosses that drop 3 items main. So it’s a 33,33% drop rate. Plus it’s working as execution weapon too :wink:.

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I use Agilty weapons :notlikethis:


Just curious why the comment about the Star Metal Great Axe being bad? I’ll be honest I haven’t kept up with the stats but prior to AOW it seemed to be pretty decent.

Nah you’re right actually, I checked a bit more and with a T4 Bladesmith it does up to 75 damage, that was just me forgetting about the bonus. Still, Eldarium ones go up to 79 damage, that’s +4 damage baseline, +8 damage if you max out strength, and I’m not even talking about the armor, elixir, and food buffs.
→ So, it’s just a bit sad to not have an alternative, like an Acheronian or something that would get closer to Eldarium tier, but the Star Metal Great Axe is still pretty decent.

It has a slightly lower Craftable/Legendary DMG ratio than the Spear for instance, 83.3% against 85.1%, so it’s pretty decent.
One handed strength weapons have a much lower ratio, 67.6% for Axe, and 68.7% for Sword :notlikethis:

Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering if I missed some recent nerf to it :slight_smile:

I only use non legendaries on my main for difficulty sake. Thralls get the legendaries now.

Since the enemies have less health, the damage curve i do is actually the same. Only the mob hits against me are higher so i dont get hit. And with my stamina pool regen like the Flash now, i never get hit…LOL!

Funny… almost all Acheronian death standard knowledge weapons are stronger than anything from dungeons.

The stronger ones are already mentioned here, but here the worthless ones since Age of War:

  • Black Ice weapons
  • Obsidian weapons
  • Dragon bone weapons
  • Khari weapons (except the bow)
  • Venom Infused
  • Kinscourge Weapons

Thanks for the balance Dumcom…
The weapons listed above are weaker than the acheronian counterparts. Making the dungeons rewards pointless.

In my opinion, dungeon rewards should at least be better than dead standard feat knowledge weapons.

Honorable mention of crappy dungeon unlocks even before Age of War:

  • Serpent-man weapons
  • Abysmal weapons

Frostbite could be useful in PvP, but that’s about it really :notlikethis:

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I don’t even remember when they were good actually!

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Oh I forgot to mention, the Serpent-man arrows are together with Star-Metal the best craftable arrows, and they’re cheaper!

But the rest of the Serpent-man weapons are… Cosmetics for illusion :notlikethis:

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Serpent-man weapons, we’re good a long time ago… maybe 2019-2020? Can’t really remember when they nerfed them to death…

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Before the Age of War the Black Ice Arrows were the best, now they’re one of the worst.
No ones going to craft arrows at the forge if its not worth it :')

Not that I enjoy crafting these arrows pre AoW but at least I felt rewarded when doing so…
In PvP I used dragon arrows, which were not cheap and still are not cheap but now they’re weak making them useless.

They were pvp solution always. A decent weapon made from iron to give a fight back solution to a raided person that’s completely wiped. It was the time that knowledge was stronger than rng. But because it was easy and even better to have dragonbone weapons since you could bleed to death really fast a green hatchling, they never get the “proper attention”. I don’t ever remember them to be better than dragonbone but maybe i am mistaken :man_shrugging:.

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