Best thrall food - strength or vitality? (PVE)

Which food is the best choice in order to create a durable damage dealing thrall follower for end game PVE (Warmaker’s Dungeon, Wine Cellar etc.)

I want to level a Dalinsia Snowhunter.

Should I feed her gruel to increase her chance of gaining strength attribute points or grilled steak to increase her chance of gaining vitality attribut points?


Strength. She comes with far more HP than is needed for Vanilla PVE. That pretty much goes for any named thrall. You only need VIT if you’re using a Fighter 3 or lower.


Greetings Hyperpapa and welcome to the community! For the highest chances of growth expressed as a percentage for Thralls you want:

STRENGTH: Gruel +14%
VITALITY: Grilled Steak +14%

After you have them at numbers which you find pleasing, I would recommend then shifting focus to her Agility levels (armor proficiency basically).

AGILITY: Shredded Beef +14%

They are your basics for any fighter type Thrall. Since we only have 2 remaining categories to cover, we may as well touch upon them while we are here hey. :wink: Should you find yourself levelling an Archer, also concentrate on levelling Accuracy. I personally dont bother with Survival for Thralls, and feel that those stat points are better spent elsewhere. Here they both are:

ACCURACY: Cooked Fish +14%
SURVIVAL: Lasting Meal +7%

As Taemien as aready pointed out, Dalinsia Snowhunter is one of the stronger Thralls available. As such, her stats will already start above that of most Thralls (so nice aquisition!). So choose your levelling strategically. Although I personally would focus on her Vitality and Agility, and she will outlast almost anything. Finally, Pets and the Undead use different foods entirely. If you would like a feeding guide for them too, then you need only ask ok Hyperpapa.

PS-once you do confront the Warmaker with her, just be sure to have plenty of food to place in her inventory to keep her HP values steadily replenishing.


Thank you, Croms_Faithful, for an extremely thorough and wellwritten answer!

I’m interested in YOUR opinion, Croms_Faithful:

  1. Regarding Dalinsia Snowhunter and following your mentality of prioritizing vitality and agility: How high vitality is high enough before switching focus to agility?

  2. You describe Dalinsia Snowhunter as one of the strongest thralls. Are there any stronger thrall out there in your opinion? I would imagine other candidates would be Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker, Cimmerian Berserker, Beastmaster Tiemos, volcano T4 thralls and purge T4 thralls.

Thank you in advance!


@Hyperpapa, I generally feed them gruel, the reason is because they stack on 100, so 5 slots 500, if you do trick, or else 400 without the trick. That means that you can travel all the map and when you come back your thrall will still have food in her inventory :wink:. Be extra careful and take some healing arrows just for the beginning, if your thrall is going to give the fights then it would be smart to heal her fast. If you are lvl 60 my weapon advice for your thrall is the Ajas bane, with this weapon she is going to crush almost everything without a problem. I said almost for 2 reasons

  1. Arena champion. She needs your help and do not try it before lvl 15, it is very possible Arena champion to crush your snow hunter.
  2. Red Mama. She stomps your thrall, so this fight is 70%yours.
    For all the others, including Arena champion after lvl 15, Ajas bane is her weapon.

@Croms_Faithful said something about agility and survival. These advices need extra attention, why?
Agility will make your thrall a little God, she will feel nothing, so in a fight against Arena champion agility is very necessary.
Survival. Thralls without survival find almost insta death on the volcano, or they loose massive hp when poisoned. But the volcano issue is far more important. I lost several berserkers in the volcano because if their survival.
But I will stick to my first proposal that is similar to @Taemien, just because of the amount of food your thrall can carry :wink:. Either way, no matter what you feed your thrall, if the slot machine decide that you get, a deadly eye or warden, the cause is lost :pensive:.
Good luck, have fun and welcome to the forum :+1:.


Cooked pork will give 25% to strength and damage. Raw lobster does the same for turtles. Those are not particularly for leveling but when you are getting into a fight.

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it depends on the growth chance she has on her stats, i would make it dependent on that. when she has a high chance on getting vit i would push str. also dalinsia is a slow leveler. if you are “new” i would recommend you get yourself a beasttamer teimos. he s getting the most vitality from lvling vit. he lvls fast and he spawns 80% of the time, only downside i found on teimos is that he comes relativly often with a high chance on accuracy

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indeed, i found out the hard way :smiley: survival is also really helpful when your thrall has to fight poison, had a treasure seeker fight the snake boss and she melted away, teimos with 30+ survival did great


Tbh, don’t over think it. I usually go with gruel or steaks. The percentages are RNG related, and you will find stressing trying to get an outcome will only frustrate you. After you do get the thrall to 20, then choose either a vit or str armor. The best way to figure is take the Str% and divide the str rating, and do the same for vit. If you are getting 100+ for the vit, then go vit armor, if not go str armor. Non pve with flawless you can get 9x the per tick added to the thrall. PVP, 7x, because you will have to have a sandstorm mask for opponents poisoning.

Teimos is the exception, if you are rolling acc, put +acc heavy, as it can get the acc% to very high and make a deadly archer for defenses. Plus the survival on him recuces the time poisn and bleed effect a lot.

for armors remember once you get @1100 on armor rating for thrall, the payoff for 125 points more is almost not worth putting bulk plating, but put master reinforce to double durability (PVP of course). Making Acid arrows a long tedious task to break it.


@Croms_Faithful is correct but those foods only boost one attribute for fighter thralls I suggest Exquisite Feast or Exotic Feast it will give +7% to strength and +7% to vitality

Here’s a chart you can use for your thralls useful for fighter, archers, and dancers … strength and agility should go to dancers with daggers this is only my opinion you can level your thralls up however you want


@Hyperpapa this only my suggestion and opinion players level up there thralls differently so in the end you’ll have to choose how you wish to level up your thralls … also give your thrall one piece of Exotic Feast at each level up and don’t skip levels for ex. If your thrall is level 1 and you kill something with a lot of Exp. and you thrall goes from level 1 to level 3 your thrall will get the food bonus from lvl 1 to 2 but not from lvl 2 to 3 so run along the noobie river and kill things there so your thrall won’t skip levels once your thrall gets to lvl 5 or 6 then you should be good to take your thrall elsewhere and don’t forget to feed your thrall at each level


Is Gruel broken? My Thralls have stopped eating it :frowning: I use a bunch of addons which could also be the problem i guess.

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@Sabu, Welcome to the forum. Can you be more specific please. Plus give info about what you play, pc, ps4, 5 or Xbox?.

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