Best way to kill a player on horseback (pvp)

On my server there is one player that is just great on horseback and in pvp he seems unstoppable. What strategy works when fighting such a player (official pvp server)?

Use a bow if unmounted, bring more friends with a bow if you have em. If alone, bring a horse and Lance with manueverability saddle.

What about if solo and on the ground… using a spear?

You can place building pieces in front of him when he is on a mount. Screw him up with that.

If you are in landclaim, try to find a location where he can’t maneuver so easily.

Gas that horse !

only thing that works is another horse and a lance/spear

More horses will beat a single horse 9 times out of 10
Horses are OP, you can have a 40 str 40 vit build as you need no agility grit etc and there is no effective counter or balance in this game.

we have such a toxic player as well on our server atm… he uses lag switch as well and kills groups of 3-4 players on horses with that… mainly leaving bases with no gear now. hoping he becomes bored… didnt find a base either… just annoying. horses seem to not like spikes, also bombs seem to be nice against the rider. but dont take too much stuff…

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