Players who only kill on horseback

Hello good, I wanted to know what is the best way to kill those players who do not get off the horse or when they disconnect, if I use gas arrows or incendiary arrows will they work to lower the stamina of the horse? what advice do you give me

Hey, you could use a lance or horse as well with the lance to dismount an enemy player. Throwing axes, javelins or arrows can help you a lot as well. Or just keep a palisade on you and throw it down last second to hurt em badly.

Flechas o jabalinas romas bajan mucho la stamina.

Running into a player that only uses horses to kill can be quite frustrating at times but the number one thing that is recommended from my standpoint is to try and limit the amount of room they have to work with. The less room you give them the more exposed they are in the end instead of you.

W/ Horse~
If you’re also using a horse yourself then the obvious option would to be using a Lance or a weapon with decent attack speed to counter whatever weapon they are using to make your runs effective and deadly.

Without Horse~
If you find yourself in a fight against a player that is staying on horseback the whole fight it’s recommended to be using ranged weapons against them. My personal favorite would in fact be Gas arrows for when they are turning just to give a bit more damage output. But then it’s recommended to switch out arrows to an arrow like Harden/Starmetal (Assuming you’re late-game) If you’re bad at your shot however it’s always nice to use a weapon with reach on it allowing for you to create enough space to control the fight the way you want it.

Hope this helps.

Hi guys!!

So… as everyone can see, there is a lot of ways to counter cavalry.

What you could do, as some said, is to try to fight yourself on horse (not easy at the begining). You will discover another way to fight. You will discover some weaknesses of cavalry too.

Try to fight with the Knight lance, with a succession of charges, or in melee with a 1H mace or axe, or with the short infantry pike. I didnt try myself to do it in the Skythian or Parthian way, only with bow.

Fighting on horse deserves at least a try.

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Pop foundation blocks about, make an obstacle course.
Heck pop a few pets, they will agro and slow the horse.
Loot bags with junk in them, anything to slow the critter down. They cant jump worth a dang, take advantage of that.

I really say it because many of my subscribers complain about this practice, the normal thing is that these people are collecting materials, another player comes on horseback and throws that person to the ground, then his slave comes and finishes him off while he is on the ground

Horses, are overpowered and a issue in conan at the moment. I dont care what the knight’s says, but it really is.

Best is to get up on a horse aswell if you wanna counter it. Problem is just, that horsevshorse pvp is so random and really do not need any skill at all. So the outcome will be the same.

Yeah the knockdown with lance is really random. Sometimes both players get knocked, sometimes it doesn’t work for one player even though he can hear the hit sound.

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