How to take people down of the horses

Does someone knows what is the best way to fight against 5 memebers of a clan on a horse? How can you take them down from the horse? They just take you down with the horse and kill you with their spear. They never get down from the horse to get a fight

Stay close to cliffs, raised areas, camps (dafari are great, they have palisades pre-built). then snipe with bow, place your own palisades (bleed when they touch). If all of them are on horses, then no one is watching their base. (PVP). so one person just grit up, keep them busy, and someone else raid them.


Any damage to the horse will reduce the stamina of the horse, if the horse stamina reaches zero, the rider gets dropped with 0 stamina.

However, if you are 1v5, you may not stand a chance when facing off, for the opponents would be covering each other to preserve stamina.

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U could try posin and bleed damage use snake arrows with bow at distance and close with bleed and if you have gas arrows get gas mask and hit the area with them as that all can kill the horse since they cant use potions to heal there horse of negative effects and no mask to equip just a uhought

You could keep palisades in your inventory and Drop them down in front of the horse or use them to barricade yourself in and shoot them with arrows. It’s not a perfect fix but most won’t see this strategy coming and might give you enough time to get high ground. Fighting on foot is a point of disadvantage to a horse.

Channel your inner fortnite character and use some building strategies to your advantage. I’ve even seen palisades dropped in the middle of a foot on foot combat change the landscape of the battle.

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