Better and realistic pvp siege

Currently it is all too easy to attack and destroy and almost impossible to defend, if you are not online.

In other similar games (ark, rust) the defense has a greater advantage than the attack, and the attacker must organize himself better and think carefully about his strategy.

For example:

like thralls and pets, are too dumb and easily bypassed. Something equivalent to the auto turrets found on similar games like rust or ark would be needed. Maybe some ballistae or scorpions to place on the walls.

are now useless. The anticlimber has become optional as the enemy can land on the roof of the base by flying. Palisades do no sufficient damage, and mines are more damaging to the defender than to the attacker.


  • too easy to craft en masse, especially since they can be created in inventory.
  • Explosive jars are placed too quickly and easily
  • Explosive jars can be placed from a very far distance, which guarantees the enemy to stand in complete safety and be ignored by many thralls and pets.

They are almost completely unused, which is a shame because the trebuchet has beautiful mechanics. But unfortunately it is not worth it, for the following reasons:

  • Often players build in really inaccessible places (inside obelisks), or create really unrealistic structures (ceiling base)
  • Explosive jars are too op and much easier to use than the trebuchet.
  • There are very few options as siege weapons (trebuchet only)

It would be nice if pvp sieges were more realistic, requiring more planning, strategy and attention.

And it would be nice if there were many more “paths” to do them instead of necessarily having to adapt to a single “path” that is: explosive jar spam in attack and improbable and unrealistic Constructions in defense.

All this can be done easily with small fixes/improvement:

    1. Improve stability so that players cannot build unrealistic and totally nonsense bases.
    1. Prevent players from building in some spots where they can build bases that are inaccessible and unassailable
    1. solution A: Make the explosive jars craftable only in the alchemy table and not in the inventory
    1. solution B: Leave crafting in inventory but greatly increase crafting time.
    1. solution C: Make explosive jars portable the same way you carry trophies in AoW
  • 4 Make passive defenses more effective (more damage to palisades, etc)
  • 5 Create defending siege weapons such as scorpions or ballistae, which have a very good view and greater range than enemy players and thralls, as well as a lot of HP, so that they can only be destroyed by siege weapons (explosives, trebuchets etc)

To other players:

What do you think? What would you improve on pvp sieges (excluding pvp fights, which would require a separate post on balancing, meta and many other issues)?

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