Better roof and ceiling stability

First of all Wall pieces should retain the SAME stability as the foundation below it.

This literally makes it impossible to make multiple floors within maximum stability size provided to us, it seems like a unnecessary and unfair obstacle only added to be detrimental.

There should never be a situation that a building within maximum stability size can not add a floor/ceiling above with tiles.The fact that wall remove 20 stability to the above tile, if you start with a foundation of 100 stability at each end to 20 in the middle and want to add a second floor… the floor above now only has 80 at the edges… and the one above that only 60 and so on an so on leaving gaps in the middle.

We now have to add ugly support beams in every corner to retain the 100 stability the Wall should maintain already; If you’ve ever been in any multi-floor building or skyscraper on the planet it is easy to see it is not necessary to put FOUR huge pillars in every corner on every floor.

Also Roof structures should require MUCH less stability, I’ve seen suggestion to remove the stability from them completely, even that would be preferable as roof parts should be able to enclose MUCH larger openings considering in real life we can build retractable roofs over stadiums with 200 to 300 feet of open air space above the walls, it’s easy to see that roofs don’t require much stability at all.

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