Biome driven hazardous weather

In the south they get sandstorms, which makes sense, with the lore of Conan and the Priestking, but what about the other biomes? The highlands gets well…rain…a LOT of rain, but what if it didn’t?

What if the highlands went through a dry spell, and then a thunderstorm occurred, striking land and, as a result causing a wildfire?
Imagine the forest’s on fire, spreading through the tall grasses. Imagine a bear set afire and running through an area spreading the fire.

What about the north in the snow area’s, where blizzards would be a real danger. Snow drifts that could cover small cottages, preventing the occupants from exiting their homes, and dying inside from starvation.

Now this all would be insanely ambitious and no way we’d see it in Conan Exiles, BUT, it would be quite the feature to have.

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I like the idea of blizzards in the far north.

The highlands should be pleasant with the occasional thunder storm, and also the occasional light rain, and maybe some fog.

The jungle might have steamy days where it is extremely hazy and days with monsoons where the rain is torrential, wind’s blow wildly, etc.

The volcano can have eruptions that spray hot lava, ash, and toxic gas all over the place.