Black Dragon Magnus in solo as barbarian!

I’ve been playing at AoC for many years now and yesterday I wanted to give myself a whim, to try and kill Black Dragon Magnus alone with the barbarian. This is the video, do not be too severe


Nice one Zuji, 0% hp :smiley: . Took me 4 tries but got him eventually. Will try and do again and get video.

This boss very easy to solo on bs or conq not tryed in my guard will do when back from holiday nice tho :joy:

Naturally I didn’t record my best kill (honest guvnor). This was messy but fun anyway.


congratulations on your performance and … forgive me, Magnus, for turning you into the new WB, but you are much more fun than a basilisk

Yes, in that was the challenge, there are a lot of class on what he is easy, i did a video also as demo but it is not worth to be published, because a demo too easly humiliate Magnus, with a necro being litteraly a joke!

This challange should be called the zujilin-challange, can upload a kill soon on my poor barb :smiley:


My old friend, I did not expect anything less from you :laughing:

You were not alone, you had a tiger helping you :slight_smile:

Jk, nice job!

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mori is using speedhack! disqualified! :stuck_out_tongue:

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abit cheesy of me to use 2 survival rings from chaos + evade chance from AA :smiley: haha

everyone has his own style, this is for example my best friend

Very cool, mate! :+1:
But… you’re playing with default UI? OMG! :confounded:

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i know i never changed it, default UI from ever

People actually click on skills in this game? No wonder you guys always bash pvp. Must be impossible. Also thought a challenge was well supposed to be challenging? You’re wearing like the best gear. Do it naked to be impressive. Or without blood rage try a little

where is your barb solokill vid?

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here’s your video, barbarian in just reaver stance without clicking combos.

Yes I do not use comfort like Razen and stuff like that or a vulgar 2-button mouse and a very normal keyboard, every now and then when I’m in the relax phase I click the furthest keys (8-9-0) I did not expect the thing to raise controversy

I don’t wanna add drama here, but you really should rebind numbers after 5 imo. Hitting 8-9-0 means you have abnormal hands or you move your hand away from its initial position.
It should allow you to keep it on a-d for strafing and stop the kb turning.

It also feels much better/easier.

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I know this for every now and then click with the mouse the keys farthest, honestly I do not care too much to bind NOW, I’m lazy and I arrived at the end of the game, what I had to do in one way or another I did it.
we were talking about challenges, no? Consider it my personal challenge, vanilla keyboard, vanilla mouse, vanilla GUI, vanilla layout!

I like this challange, I tried it a few times with other classes, mainly ToS and BS but with these it’s rather easy as you get massive heals and bubbles and so on but I never tried to do it with my Barb. Might try that later though I can’t post a video of it in case I succeed.

I’ve never been that dexterous and I have mild arthritis in my hands. Clicking is simply faster and less painful for me.